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Starbase: Elon Musk wants to create a city


Recently Elon Musk proclaimed himself king of Tesla. Maybe the position of CEO wasn’t enough anymore. The visionary billionaire, new richest man of the world, made us used to his craziness. Someone consider them delusions of grandeur, however the little boy that dreamed the space really conquered the space. As well as it’s true that he trying to build his own city. Can a person own a city? We will discover it very soon because Starbase is much more than a simple idea. It’s a real project and if Elon Musk says that he will realize it maybe we should believe him.

From California to Texas

The new city completely signed by Musk should be in Texas, at the border with Mexico. And to realize his ambitious project Elon Musk packed everything and moved from the California to Texas, with his companies too.

Elon Musk moved in the desert of Texas, to realize his project

According with the visionary businessman the state of California was too much restrictive and it didn’t allow him to realize his projects. It was already few years, infact, that he was talking about his wish to realize an incredible futuristic city, interconnected and completely automated.

But the state of California regretted the permission to get a little piece of desert and to create there his own little corner of future.

For this reason Musk decided to move in the close state of Texas, which is less restrictive. Preciselly the new metropolis will be next to the space base of SpaceX, in the middle of the texan desert.

Creating the city Starbase

Like always Elon Musk announces his big projects on Twitter. No long and boring speechs, but few simple words. “Creating the city Starbase, Texas”.

Space X
Starbase will arise close to the space base of Space X, in Texas

With this tweet Elon Musk announced to the worlds that he started the legal work to start with his new project.

The tweet obtained a lot of likes in a very short time. But it wasn’t a fake from no one. If Musk says that he’s building Starbase we should believe him.

Boca Chica, from small village in the desert to big metropolis of the future

Boca Chica is the small texan village next to the base of SpaceX. In the project of Elon Musk for the city of Starbase it’s included too.

Space X
The space base of Space X, next to the village of Boca Chica

For this reason Elon Musk did an official statement to ask for the annex of the village to the space base. The Texas agrees, unlike the California. But if Musk really wants to reach his purpose this time he must follow all the legal iter.

The first step is the one to the citizens if they agree, through an official petition. Will the citizens of the small village of Boca Chica be ready to enter in the future?

How will the city of Starbase work

In Starbase will really seem to be in the future. Or on a martial colony. Otherwise we know very well that these are only the trial run, for the conquer of the red planet.

City of the future
Starbase will show us how the cities of the future will be

The details that we know, in reality, are very few. Elon Musk told something about it on Twitter. First of all he said that the area of competence of Starbase will be much bigger than the one of the current Boca Chica, by taking a space of a real metropolis.

The work already started, in reality. First of all he is trying to make Boca Chica independent for the water. Currently, infact, the supply of water arrive through tanker from the closest city.

Therefore, in the official petition, Elon Musk even asked to the citizens if they agree to change the name, from Boca Chica to Starbase.

All of it will be built around his companies, obviusly. In the city there will only be Teslas. The oil will be, so, banned from the city, which will completely work, instead, in electric.

There won’t be a major neither. It will be a private” city, the first one of its kind, which administrator will be the CEO himself. This remembers many distopian futuristic movies. We will see how will really be this metropolis of the future.

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