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Neom: the new biggest smart city of the world

Neom, the biggest smart city of the world

If you want to make a jump into the future it will be enough to go in the Saudi Arabia, between the biggest and most incredible smart cities of the world, with ski slopes in the desert, shopping malls as big as a whole city, futuristic vehicles. But to the oil tycoons this ins’t enough, it is never enough. Now they are planning a new smart city, the one that will be the biggest of the world and that it will take the name of Neom.

Neom, the smart city as big as a country

Neom will arise in the province of Tabuk, at the border between Jordan and Egipt, two steps away from the Red Sea. The project is an idea of the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. The area which is meanly desertic will become one of the most important industrial and tecnological area of the world.

The project was presented already in the 2017, but now we have many interesting details about how the utopian futuristic city of the arabian prince will be, which, however, doesn’t want to spare expense. For the project, infact, he invested 500 thousand of dollars.

Neom, the biggest smart city of the world
Where will Neom arise

In the realization of the new smart city were involved even many experts and specialised companies which come from the occidental world.

The name of the smart city, so futuristic that it seems to come from a movie or a comic book, is in reality a well studied acronym in the arabian language. The first three letters, Neo, means new, while the M means Mostaqbal, which is future.

Neom will be, infact, the new city of the future, because the new generations of arabian tycoons know that they have to invest their resources in something innovative and technologically advanced if they want to keep their dominance.

Under an artificial sky

One of the first rumors about the new smart city is about the “climate manipulation”. The Saudi Arabia, infact, isn’t new about this kind of challenges. Let’s just think that it’s possible to ski in the middle of the desert.

Neom, la futuristica città Araba
Neom, the futuristic arabian city

In Neom, infact, they are planning a climate system much more friendly compared with the desertic one. The proposals arrive from some american companies: the McKinsey and the Boston Consulting. They are planning some artificial clouds which are able to work in case of necessity.

Another idea that the price and his teams had seems really unlikely and insane. It is, infact, an artificial moon realized with the usage of a drones’ fleet.

The surveillance system

In the one that it’s predicted to become the most advanced city of the world cannot miss an appropriate surveillance system, with drones, cameras and face recognition.

And, obviusly, the robots are unmissable, not only in the surveillance system, but even in the housekeeping and in the entertainment. For example, one of the projects of the city it’s a fun park in style Jurassic Park, but the dinosaurs of the park will be strictly robots.

Flying cars

Between the elements that most characterizes a city of the future are without any doubt some appropriate vehicles. And the prince of the region of Tabuk said that he doesn’t want any mroe streets and sidewalks, the future’s transport’s system will be only in the air.

Dreaming Neom

Neom will be focused on nine specialized sector of investments and life’s conditions which will drive the future of the human civilty, energy and water, mobility, biotechnology, food, technology and digital science, advanced production, media and entertainment with liveability as base. Neom will attract investments and partnerships both public and private”, claims the prince bin Salman.

The desertic area where Neom will arise

The dream of Neom sees an incredible city, 33 times bigger than New York, which it’s extended on 468 kilometers of coast of the Red Sea. Neom will be the safest, most efficient and ecosustainable city of the world, a real jump into the most utopian future.

Meanwhile the dream starts to take shape. For example it’s been already finished the airport: Neom Bay. Who knows if all the dreams of the prince and of his trusted teams of experts will come to life and in how many years we will be able to see its beauties. Maybe we won’t wait so long, the world is used to these small arabian jewels, let’s just think that thirty years ago Dubai didn’t exist.

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