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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The new Flight Simulator 2020

Flight Simulator was always a reference point for all the passionated of the flight simulators genre, as much as that it’s been used by many aviations to teach their own pilots. The program evolved in the time by remaining though unbeaten. It’s always upgraded and now it’s in a test phase for the release of the last version: Flight Simulator 2020, that promises big news for the fans. Especially about the graphic and the simulation of the weather conditions in realtime.

What is Flight Simulator

But maybe not everyone knows what Flight Simulator is, let’s walk through the steps that made it so famous.
Bruce Artwick is an engineering student that worked at the SubLOGIC in the 1976 when creates the first flight simulator. Microsoft arrives in the 1982 by buying the project and releasing on the marketplace the simulator of Artwick.

flight simulator
The graphic of the 1982 of the first version of Flight Simulator released by Microsoft

In the time many changes were realized: from the possibility to use the joystick to the first 3D effects. But it’s with the version 5 of the 1993 that the graphic substantially improves, the landscapes are refined as well as the internal of the cockpit.

Slowly the databases of the airports get more and more rich, it arrives even the realtime weather thanks to the connection with the weather websites. Finally are added some specific functions for the teaching. In the last version of the 2006 the realism touches very high summits: the skyes are refined, the airports increased and are introduced even the animals.

It’s then added even the possibility to play online, which is a very interesting characteristic because it allows to fly together with many pilots and air traffic controllers. The first flight companies were so born as well as real flight schools inside the game.

flight simulator
With the arrival of the version of the 2000’s the graphic substantially increase

A real parallel world, its accuracy and precision to reproduce the cockpit, as we mentioned at the beginning, Fight Simulator is even used in the private and public flight schools to teach the future pilots or to train the ones that already fly.

The version 2020 of the simulator

We don’t know when, but until the end of the year we will fly in the skyes with Flight Simulator 2020. It seems an announced revolution of the videogame after 14 years of carrier. We will be able to fly in the whole world between more than 37.000 airports, thanks to the streaming managed by the Cloud of Microsoft Azure.

flight simulator
The landscapes are based now on the maps of Bing Maps and they are much more realistic

To realize the map they used the real images of the satellites of Bing Maps, but the rendering of the landscape will be in realtime. This is very interesting. It will be infact extremely realistic because it’s based on the real weather conditions visible from the satellite.

animal and people
In Flight Simulator 2020 we find even people with a very realistic aspect

But for such beauty and precision it will need an advanced hardware. It will need 150 Gb of space on the disk and a connection of 20 Mbs. Therefore it will need to have as graphic card at least an AMD Radeon RX 570 or a Nvidia GTX770.

The new version in Cloud promises breathtaking landscapes and weather in realtime

About the processor we are talking about an Intel i7 9800X or an AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X so if you are passionated of the genre you need a modern PC. But don’t worry the videogame at the moment is in Alpha phase, for the Beta we must wait july and so, probably, the definitive version will be available for the end of the year. You will so have the time to think about the purchase of a computer for the new Flight Simulator 2020.

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