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Eco Surface Duo: two display for Microsoft

The new smartphone Microsoft

Ever bigger screens, multi activities, gaming, these are the requestes of the audience and to these requestes Microsoft answers with Eco Surface Duo. A dual screen smartphone which was in the middle of many rumors.

Eco Surface Duo

One talks about it since the autumn of the 2019, now it is in pre order until the end of the month of august, then it will be released the 10th of september in the United States with a price of 1.399 dollars. For the italian release there isn’t any new, we will have to wait. The first opinions about it are contradictory, Microsoft infact are investing a lot on this device, even in many turn up their nose for the price very high but even for the design.

Infact it has a double screen, but about the aesthetic they didn’t very work a lot to make more elegant and refined. The frames are very thick and once closed the device occupy much more space by remembering almost a paper agenda.

eco surface duo
A smartphone thought for the work, that encourages the multitasking

Microsoft though wants to propose a different product not only for the presence of the double screen, a part from the design, it mainly focuses to create a link between mobile and PC. The software is so essential because it uses the double screen in an innovative way. It encourages the multitasking, the communication, it undertakes specific duties especially for the job world.

A presentation of 35 minutes, created by Microsoft, shows how to use the device and how to enjoy its particular characteristics. For example it is possible to see how the application Amazon Kindle works on the two screens of Eco Surface Duo by re-creating the effect of the paper book.

Technical characteristics

Eco Surface Duo is mainly focused on a system Android and on Microsoft 365, it has all the services (like Office, Outlook, OneDrive and so on).

The such chatted display is realized with a panel in Dual PixelSense Fusion AMOLED of 8,1 inches on two surface, joined with a zip. The zip allows a rotation of 360° which is useful for presentations or like support base. Once opened it creates a view surface of 2700 x 1900 pixel (3:2) where in the middle there is a small divider between the two screens. The touchscreen is very sensitive and it has a protection for the glass in Corning Gorilla Glass.

eco surface duo
A detail of Eco Surface Duo: the special zip allows a rotation at 360°

The processor is a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, the chipset is a top of the line of the 2019, with 6 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal memory, of kind UFS 3.0.

Let’s then talk about the camera, Microsoft Surface Duo infact only has one of 11 MP with opening f/2.0, PDAF. This is thou

This is though optimazed to record high resolution videos with 1,0 µm and 84° of FOV optimazed with IA: for videos in 4K at 30/60 fps. It is so perfect to be used with Microsoft Teams and Skype for the videocalls up to 1080p and 30 fps. For the video calls there is even a single speaker and two microphones to optimaze the recorded sound, by putting down the noise and by deleting the echo.

Between the many sensors with which it is equipped we find the accelerometer, the gyroscope, the magnetometer and the sensor of lighting all of them double for a better detection. We find then the sensor of proximity, the sensor Hall and the fingerprint sensor.

Even the battery is double and it has 3577 mAh, it supports the quick charge up to 18 W through the door USB Type-C 3.1. Microsoft reassures up to 15,5 hours of video production offline, up to 10 days of stand by and up to 27 hours of vocal calls.

Insomma uno smartphone pensato per il lavoro, forse per questo motivo il prezzo è anche così alto. Non è pensato per un uso “normale”, ma per un uso più professionale.

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