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Xbox Serie X, the new console Next Gen

Xbox Serie X

For the end of the 2020 is planned the release of a new console Next Generation, the Xbox Serie X. Here you have all you have to know, the technical specifications, the launching games, etc.

The presentation of the Xbox Serie X

This year the mystery that floats arounf the new console is even higher, because all of the delays in the presentation, which even supplied the rumors.

But we must say that Microsoft is doing its best to present its new Xbox. A challenge for the last game the one between the console Next – Gen and the Redmond company catched the attention on itself by claiming that the one that is arriving will be “the most powerful console of the world”.

Xbox Serie X
Xbox Serie X

Already during the E3 of the last year we heard that a new generation console was arriving, but we didn’t know nothing about it, not even the name. All we knew it was that the Next Gen consoles will focus everything on the hardware powerful.

Last year, when we didn’t know much about it yet they talked about the ”most immersive console experience ever”.

At the end the new Xbox Serie X was revealed, during The Game Awards. Microsoft so fought the competitor on time and, while we didn’t know anything about the other Next Gen consoles yet, the Xbox players already knew the name and the design.

Xbox Serie X
Xbox Serie X

Meanwhile Microsoft continued to emphatize about the fact that its console is the most powerful of the world and the initial euphoria left the place to a new wait. Now we are just waiting the official presentation, that will be the next 23th of july, to give an answer to many other questions.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications confirme the such claimed announcement of Microsoft: the Xbox Serie X will be the most powerful console ever. One of the most important news will be the presence of the SSD, that will break down the charge times. The Ray Tracing, then, it will follow other interesting technologies.

Xbox Serie X
Xbox Serie X

The CPU and the GPU, both realized by AMD, are respectively, a Custom Zen 2 Octa core at 3,8 GHZ, and a Custom RDNA 2 12 TFLOPS, 52 Cus at 1,825 GHZ. The RAM is 16GB, while the internal memory is a SSD Custom of 1 TB, expandible with SSD cards.

The Xbox Serie X will be able to reproduce the games in 4K at 60 fps, being able to reach the 120 fps, thanks to the Variable Refresh Rate, that will adapt the monitors of the televisions or of the screens.

Furthermore, it seems that the real innovation of this next gen console is the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which is the integration between hardware and software.

Finally, there will be even the Quick Resume Technology that will allow the player to restart the game from where he stopped in only few seconds, even after he switched off and switched on the Xbox.

The launching games, the release date and the price

In the event of the next 23th of july, of which we talked before, there will be presented the exclusive games of the Xbox Serie X. The most waited one is without any doubt Halo Infinte, coming even on Xbox One and Pc, but the fans are looking forward to see it in next gen version.

Xbox Serie X
Xbox Serie X

For the moment Halo Infinite is the only game coming on Xbox Serie X of which we are sure. But the ruomors and the leaks talk about Grounded, Fable, Everwild, Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2, Obsidian.

About the release date, this is predicted between october and december 2020, like always in the pre-christmas period. Probably the release will be at the same time with the Black Friday. The launch window is the same one of its competitor, the PlayStation 5.

Finally, about the price there aren’t certain news, even if the rumors talk about 499€.

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