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Chromecast and alternatives for web contents in TV


Do you have a smart-tv? Do you know what a Chromecast is? Let’s find out together how to watch the web contents on you tv.

Thanks to the technology that now invaded our houses the way to entertain or to inform ourselves changed. If until few years ago we watched computer and television as two different devices both essential for our daily life, today we have the modern smart-tvs that give us the possibility to use the services of streaming and on-demand straight on the screen of our living room.

How? With the usage of Chromecast

There are last generation devices which apps are greatly upgraded and that don’t need further devices for the sharing. In some cases though we have older televisions where the support is poor. In this cases we need the Chromecast.

Chromecast, the device to share your contents from pc, tablet and smartphone to the television

A Chromecast is a device made by Google (common name dongle), that allow to transit the contents of the apps of the pc or of a mobile device on our TV. Usually those are devices with USB connection, which are easy to install and compatible with every smart-tv.

Chromecast though isn’t the only way to transmit web contents. Infact, Google isn’t the only to planned devices for this specific purpose. Even Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Android worked on their own dongles for the transmission of web contents.

Apple Tv. It’s not only for who loves the Apple products

In the panorma of the multimedia devices for the living room there is right the Apple TV, which arrived to its fourth generation. It is a small box that allows to watch on our television streaming contents in 4K resolution. The interesting thing is that it has a memory of 32 or 64 GB and that it can be used both in USB and WIFI mode.

Apple Tv is a whole other thing because it gives a world of opportunities besides the contents sharing. An example? It allows the streaming of the products bought on i-Tunes straight on the television and it gives to the users a very large agenda of movies and shows. Therefore, it has a very large choice of on-line services and games to obtain the best by the multimediality.

Amazon Fire Stick. For who loves the television 2.0

If you love the tv series and you can’t miss one, you are surely a Netflix or Amazon Prime Video lover. In this case this Fire Stick is what you are looking for. A valid alternative to the Chromecast that connects the tv to the door HDMI.

The advantage is that this chromecast saves the apps, by giving us the possibility to choose which one keep and which one delete. It has an integrated operating system Android and we can manage it with its own remote controller.

Chromecast Apple and Amazon, alternatives for the web contents

Microsoft Wireless display adapter. The alternative chromecast for who loves Windows

If you have Windows you will appreciate this device because it has the possibility the whole screen with the television.

Even this Chromecast connects the tv with the door HDMI and it is compatible with the protocol Miracast, which is supported by all the smartphones and tablets of new generation. It doesn’t directly re-produce the content, but it duplicates the screen and it re-produces it on the tv.

With this solution we will be able to see the content of every app on the screen of our living room, without slowdown of the sharing, but especially without the need of an internet connection. Therefore, it doesn’t need an app to install it! It’s enough to connect it and to configure it to our own WIFI network.

TV box of Android. The best one between the alternatives

If you have to transmit a big quantity of apps on your TV the TV Box Android are perfect for you. Thanks to these devices you will be able to connect your own Play store and acced to many apps.

There are many kinds of it, some of them are certificated, other no (very often chinese products), all of them are valid, sided in the most various price range. Between the one certificated we can mention the NVIDIA Shield TV. This chromecast Android is a real multimedia console with support for the Android apps.

It is certificated to view contents FullHD and 4K from the main multimedia apps, one between all the others Netflix.

TV box by Android

Definitivelly even if Google Chromecast remains the most loved and spreaded dongle for the sharing of the multimedia contents from the pc and tablet to the smart-tv, the alternatives are many and all of them valid. Everything depends from the needs of the final customer.

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