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Educational activities online for the children

Experiments and activities online for children

Conte talks about the Phase 2, but for the moment the children are stucked at the Phase 1 because the school doesn’t restart yet. Here you have so a serie of educational activities online that you can use to entertain the ever more annoyed children.

Educational activities against the boredom

Once that the children and the teenagers finished with the online lessions and the classroom videochat, after that they watched a cartoon and read or listen a book, what can they do? We propose, right for this reason, many activities boredom buster all of them are free and downloadable online.

Dyson Foundation

On the page dedicated to James Dyson Foundation was launched a Challenge to keep the children busy in this period of lockdown. Fortyfour challenges: divided in twentytwo about science and twentytwo about engineering.

About the science we have games to find the density of liquids and to create a mini tornado, until to arrive to the creation of the amazing not newtonian liquids. On the scheets are collected many interesting experiments, other really attractive like the incredible lava lamps.

educational actitivies
One of the experiment proposed in the Challenge that are visible on the website

Between the engineering activities we can instead try to create a bridge with the spaghetti, but even a mini electric engine or to build a periscope.

Even if the instructions are in english, thanks to the images and to easy sentences, the experiments are accessible to everyone. On the website then there are anyway many videos of the creations so to make everything more understandable.

At home with Munari

The artist Bruno Munari, realized a website with some educational activities specifically thought for the children and it’s called At home with Munari and it has a way between the rooms of a virtual home.

Inside the game room there are many videos to realize funny and educational projects connected to the world of the art. Like the video that explains how to look at the world with new eyes or the one that helps to explore the possibility of the plastic bricks Lego.

educational activities online
The homepage of the website At home with Munari with all the sections to discover

While inside the room dedicated to the Lab we find many ideas to play with the words and with the newspapers. The contents are constantly upgraded so you can periodically coming back on the website to find out new projects.

Hervè Tullet – Boredom-dom-dom

It’s about the world of the art Hervé Tullet too, author of many books for children outside the screens like A book or The light game, An idea, he’s upgrading his Facebook channel with new contents.

In the playlist called Boredom-dom-dom he created a serie of creative videos to fight the boredom. The main point is about how less we need to have fun and create, even if at the beginning it seems impossible, with the lack of material that we can find at home in this period.

educational activities
Playing with the art is possible thanks to the videos realized by the artist Hervé Tullet

Tullet therefore created an email to send him the drawings realized with his videos or even only to write him. A project dedicated for a fragile age range, which is the pre-school one and the first school that are suffering for the quarantine because deprived by main thing of the school: the interaction with the schoolmates.

Other educational projects

On the website bartolomeo.education instead we can find other educational activities with mini games: art, social educationals, geography, literature and history. The games are many: from quiz to the filling ones.

On the website lezionisulsofa.it instead are proposed many educational videos divided for ages, there are readings, experiments and many ideas, some even to realize with the sign language, so for the deafs.

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