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10 advices to let the children use the technology

far utilizzare la tecnologia ai bambini

Nowadays, the children are even more closer to the technology. It isn’t rare, infact, seeing even kids really young that already know fluently how to use smartphones and tablets to play, see some videos, or do many other activities.
But is all of this correct for their growth? And in which way is it possible to let them safety getting closer to the tech world?

Let’s see together 10 advices to let the children use the technology.

Limited time: dangers for the body

tecnologia ai bambini

The first advice to let the children use the technology in the right way it is to limit the usage’s time. The youngers, infact, don’t have the real perception of the time that they spend with those devices and, it is for this reason that, they can spend even hours completly stuck.

Obviusly, this doesn’t help their body, witch needs, especially for the big energy that they have at that age, a constant movement.

Limited time: dangers for the mind

tecnologia ai bambini

Limited the electronic devices’ usage to our children can be a good incentive even for the growth of the mental skills. Those devices, infact, worsen the concentration’s capacity and they can have an influence even on the memory, the critic sense, the attention and the creativity.
Some isolated cases can manifest even aggression and social isolation.

Therefore, to let the children use the technology, even in this case the advice is to limit the usage.

Be carefull to the iHunchback

Even if it is indicated with the funny word the “iHunchback” it isn’t absolutly a funny thing.  Especially if the children uses excessively the electronic devices during the daytime there is the risk that they manifest, growing, a “smartphone’s hunchbacking”.
This happen for the continued position with the head forward to look at the screen.

Even in this case we suggest to limit the usage’s time and even to observe the kids’ posture so to correct it in case we have to.

Use protections for the eyes

tecnologia ai bambini

The eyes  can suffer many damages if we don’t know how to let the children use the technology in the right way. Look to a screen and continously be focused to one point can dry the eye or create phenomenons of myopia already from the earliest age.

About this it is possible to use some glasses for the rest or anyway reducing the usage and let the eyes take some rest periodically.

And the night?

Nowadays, it isn’t rare to see children that use their own devices in the bed before going to sleep. If we want to let the children use the technolgy in the right way this custom has to be immediately deleted.

The nightime usage, infact, can cause insomnia, because of the blue light of the screens goes against the production of melatonin.

Use it together with them

One of the most common case when we talk about to let the children use the technology is the one where the parents consider those devices like a real digital baby sitter.
We often see, so, cases where the little ones are being left for hours to play to don’t let them acting up.

This kind of approach is absolutly wrong and it has to be avoid. The better strategy is to play together with them sharing experiences and learing new things.

Download the right apps

The technology for the children isn’t to be demonised but, therefore, can be a really useful element if it is been used in the right way.
About this we have to keep attention about the apps that we download so to give to our little ones something useful.

In addition to the games, for example, we could download interactive apps which help to learn something or to study english.

No smartphone while they are studying

This is a role that should be valid not only for the children, but even for the bigger ones. The smartphone, unfortunately, is an istrument that continuosly cause distraction. Especially, its usage can waste our time from 10 to 30 minutes every time that we touch it.

For this reason if we want to let the children use the technology in the better way it is really important to completly delete its usage during the homeworks so to let them only focus on this activity, without losing time.

Surf together

With the increasing of the age, proportionally increase even the usage of those devices, passing from the simple gaming to the web surfing. Nowadays, the age when they start to use the web is been drastically lowered creating many problems.

The better thing to do about this it is to inform our children about the dangers that they can find in the web and use the device together showing them all the positive aspects that we can have surfing on the safe pages.

…And the TV?

Talking about to let the children use the technology we can’t forget about the television which, even if it represent a very older object instead of the tablets and smartphones, it is anyway a resource used a lot by the kids.

It is as well a cause of poor concentration and less activity, so the advice is to reduce the view to two hours per day, making, though, a relationship with our own child during this activity.
We can, for example, talk about the viewed programms or we can joke together about some funny scenes.

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