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Spotify Kids, the streaming for the youngest ones

Spotify Kids

A new app signed by Spotify was born: Spotify Kids, the streaming thought specifically for the children 3 years old and over and for their families. The app is separated from the main one, which is dedicated to the adults, and it shows the attention of the company for the needs and preferences of the youngest ones.

What is Spotify Kids

The company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon is focusing now on the really young ones. Are about 248 millions the current users of Spotify and now one decided to create something new and totally different. An application that takes care about the smaller ones, which knows their preferences and wants to create a whole world for them.

Spotify Kids
Spotify Kids, the app of musical streaming for the children

For this reason Spotify Kids has a cleared and more intuitive interface, with different interactions compared with the app for the adults and it doesn’t have advertising. Anyway, unlike the main app, Spotify Kids doesn’t have a free version, but it is only with subscription.

Spotify Kids is focusing on a range age between 3 and 10 years, by considering even the families of the childrens, in order to make the usage of the app a moment of unity.

Inside the app we will find musical contents which come from cartoons and the most famous shows for kids, like the Disney, Discovery Kids and Universal Picture ones. Besides to the musical contents we will find even many fairytales.

The new app is a soundy playground only for the kids. Here the childrens can explore their own music and their favourite stories. The children that consume audio contents, like music and stories, aren’t a new phenomen, I will otherwise say that they love these things. However, the biggest part of the audio experiences were created thinking only to the adults, which means that they aren’t easy of funny to use for a children”, explains Alex Norstrom, manager of the commercial sector of Spotify.

How does Spotify Kids work

Like we said Spotify Kids differs from the app for the adults for a easier and more intuitive interface, which is accessible for the children, besides that for, obviusly, the different audio contents. About it for the app dedicated to the kids they chosen to follow a selective process, which is followed by special editors, for the choice of the contents, by avoiding, instead, to use an algorythm.

Spotify Kids avatar
Personalize the app with your favourite colour and avatar

The editors that worked, and that will go on working by choosing the most suitable contents to put in the app, with experts of the early education. Before to propose the app, therefore, they consulted experts of the early and institutions like the National Children’s Musuem, besides to do studies straight on the families and on the parents.

Everything, obviusly, to offer a perfect service to the users, due the young age of them. Furthermore, by entering to the app, the childrens can choose and personalize their avatar, which will follow them in their soundy moments, and their favourite colour to adorn the app like the prefere.

The app has been just spreaded in Ireland and it is available for iOs and Android, but it seems already ready for the large diffusion.

Premium Family

The Spotify users that subscribed the Premium Family are already trying the beta version of the new app dedicated to the youngest ones. But soon they will have the definitive version of it.

Spotify Kids
Spotify Kids is available for the users Premium Family

The parents can be quit while the children explore the app of musical streaming dedicated to them. It doesn’t have, infact, advertising, it doesn’t collect any information about the position and it gives great guarantees about safety and privacy.

Furthermore, the parents will be able to fully control the musical experience of the children and to eliminate the informations about the account.

Finally, inside the app they will be able to choose between two modes, according to the age range: Audio for Young Kids and Audio for Older Kids.

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