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Coronavirus, why Apple fears it

Apple willl have delayes because of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus doesn’t affect only the population, but even the sales. Apple, infact, since when the alarm was spreaded recorded a reduction of the sales of iPhone connected to the stop of the exchanges with the chinese providers.

The Coronavirus threats even the industries

They are doing already the first prediction about the damages that this virus will do to the chinese economy and not only. Ming-Chi Kuo, famous analist, presented the estimation trimester: Apple might have a 10% less of sales compared with the predicted ones.

This shirinking is especially caused by the slowing down of the supply of the raw materials from the chinese providers. Infact, the government imposed that the chinese new year holidays will be longer attempting to slowing down the virus until the 10 of february. For this reason, maybe, the rumor that the launch of the iPhone SE 2 can be postponed to an unknown data is already circulating.

Coronavirus and iPhone SE 2
The release of the iPhone SE 2 can be postponed according with the rumors

Apple has many chinese providers, that produce and build together the pieces right in the region of Wuhan, the one where the first case of the virus occured.

They are still only indiscretions, even if Apple, during the meeting where the trimestral datas are exposed, talked about the difficulties that the Cupertino’s company might have because of the Coronavirus.

The estimation of the sales made public for this trimester 2020 are between the 63 and the 67 billion of dollar of income. These numbers though already consider this particular moment during which the Coronavirus threats even the commerce and slow down the sales.

Sure, it’s not the virus attack that will knock out the Cupertino’s company, let’s just consider the really great results of the last trimester.

Preventive actions to stop the virus

The preventive actions, that provides the stop of the flights and the preventive quarantine, so will probably affect the global economy. The companies, to protect especially the employees from the epidemic Coronavirus, are taking preventive actions.

Apple, for example, prefered to close all the chinese offices until the 10 of february. But not only, even the store will close until the same date, because maybe they are the most endangered places.

As well as Apple, even Google took the decision to close the offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong to protect the employees and so even the production and the affairs. This decision was taken by the companies even thinking to these employees that are forced to travel a lot for work.

For the same reason Facebook and Amazon asked to their own employees to avoid useless trips in China. Besides to suggest to work as much as possible from home until further notice.

Many are the precautions taken to avoid the infection of this dangerous virus

Microsoft required special precautions to its chinese employees or to the ones that travel in China.

Another thing is for the colossus AirBnB which even change the policy of cancellation and refund. This is for all the bookings linked to region really affected by the Coronavirus, specifically the ones affected by the initial outbreaks.

For this reason AirBnB set up a page to be always upgraded and informed about the cancellation policies and about the facilitation compared to the classic terms for this particular moment.

So it only remains to wait to see which developments there will be after this terrible epidemic which affected the China and took down the global economy. After nowadays there will be upgrades even about the stop imposed by the government.

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