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The Xbox news presented to the X019


We are now used to those annual events in the technological world and especially in the videogames world. Once per year the games’ producers organize ever more involving and lavish events to announce to their fans all the next news. Microsoft promised “the biggest Xbox inside ever” for this year and the event that took place in London the last 14th of November really seems to keep the promise. But what happened to the X019? Which were the news presented during the direct?

X019 the most waited event for the Xbox fan

Besides to use those occasions to present all the news of the next year to the fans, the producers use it even to strenghten their relationship with the community, which is even more important in a world strongly social.

X019 – The Xbox event in London

In the last years Xbox worked to improve its own image, by focusing on the user experience and on the services. So, obviusly, they talked a lot about the Game Pass and about the Project XCloud.

For the christmas time aren’t predicted big and very waited news, unless than for Halo: Reach. The event opened in the best way, with Everwild, a production that still flutters in the mystery but that, without any doubt, fascinates. To then go on with the many news, like Tell Me Why, Age of Empire 4, etc.

Game Pass

Like we said the X019 focused the attention on the Game Pass. And how not to do it due to the fact that, therefore, at the moment there is the incredible offer of 1€ per month for the first three months of the version Ultimate. Obviusly, the offer is available only one time per account and only for who doesn’t have yet an account Game Pass.

Rage 2
Rage 2

xBox is creating more ways to play for everyone

Let’s create straigth your collection of games with Xbox Game Pass, find out the offer for the christmas time and the biggest collection of games ever realized by Xbox Game Studios since now to june 2020. It is really the best time to enter in the community of Xbox. Jump in”.

And many are the new games that will arrive in the catalogue of the subscription service. Between the ones already available, like Age of Empire II: Definitive Edition or Rage 2. The one arriving in the next months, like the Yakuzas and the Final Fantasy. Or the most waited for the next year, like Tell Me Why or Minecraft Dungeons.

Project xCloud

We even mentioned the new, maybe unknown for the many, Project xCloud, but what is it? It is the answer to Google Stadia, a service of gaming in streaming.

Everwild opened the X019

At the moment the service XCloud is still in a development phase and it is available only in the United Stated, in the United Kingdom and in Corea. If everything goes as it has to go the next year, once finished the test phase, the service will be spreaded even in the rest of the world. But for the moment they didn’t make big announcements about it, not even during the X019. So we just have to wait.

The videogames presented to the X019

Finally, let’s see which were the titles protagonist of this X019. The 3rd december was released Halo: Reach, the only title really waited for this christmas month. The trailer of Everwild, instead, opened the event with a big effect. It is a Rare production and from what we can see in the trailer the location is fantasy: a forest populated by humans and strange animals.


Obsidian, instead, presented its new Grounded, some guys miniaturized dealing with the dangers of a garden. Tell Me Why is the new adventure of Dontnod and it is produced by Microsoft Game Studios.

And so on, to the X019 they talked even about Age of Empire 4, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Minecraft: Dungeons and Bleeding Edge. And, finally, about all the new titles of the catalogue of Game Pass, which are more than 50.

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