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The new Xbox doubles and goes much faster

The new Xbox

The new Xbox is lighter and more cheaper, it is thought for the streaming and it’s called Lockhart.

The new Xbox One X and the Lockhart

The first rumors date back in the 2018, when already one talked about two new consoles that were arriving: one more powerful Anaconda and another one lighter Lockhart. Then in june there was a first turnaround: the new conolse is only one and of high level. Instead now they come back to be two and there is even a date: december 2020.

Scarlett will be so the new powerful game’s machine that, according to Microsoft, “will create a new standard about powerful, speed and performance”. Lockhart instead is the cheaper version of the Xbox, especially we are talking about the line opened by One All Digital, and it will be fully digital without physical readers. A lighter support created to download the games and to reproduce them straight from the hard disk. It will be solid state (as well as the next Playstation 5), even if a little bit less poweful compared to Scarlett, it will have much higher performances compared with the consoles in commerce now.

The new Xbox
The official announce about the characteristics of the new Xbox One X

About the graphic the prediction is that there will be a maximum revolution of 1440 px and 60 frames per second. The new console then will have a higher sprint right thanks to the new service in streaming, which is really similar to Google Stadia, called xCloud. This service (which is already available in preview in the United Kingdom, in America and in Corea) it will be in subscription and it will allow to have already a hundreds of titles by paying less then 10 euros per month.

The initial step back was probably did right for the disruptive arrival of Stadia: the streaming platform for the videogames of Google, which uses the powerful of calculation of the servers of Big G by retiring the console. What worth most is the internet connection that must be strong and powerful to allow to play in 4k.

The technical characteristics

Scarlett once under production will be called only Xbox One X and it will have a processor Amd Zen to allow a resolution up to 8k with up to 120 frames per second. The new Xbox One X will be so twice more powerful and even though this it will allow to play even with the previous titles of the old Microsoft consoles (Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One).

The new Xbox
The games in streaming available on the new platform are about a hundred

About the streaming service instead they didn’t reveal big details yet. Probably because they want to be sure to have a really competitive product with the new service of Google Stadia before to say something to the big audience of gamers.

The new games of Xbox

The most interesting announcement though is about the games that there will be on the new platform of games streaming of Microsoft. There will be infact Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga by Ninja Theory. Hellblade 2 is the second chapter of one of the most innovative videogame of the last years and it will be a Microsoft exclusive. But there will be even Gears Tactics and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. A lot in the plate about the new Xbox, but we will though need to wait many months before this can become a reality. Who knows then which ones and how many will be the news before to arrive to the next december 2020.

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