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Playstation Now: the competition of the videogames in streaming

The page of Playstation Now Italia

Now it’s a war for the streaming of the videogames. We met Google Stadia, the videogame’s platform in Cloud for 9.99 per month, to play on more devices without need to download or install the selected game. But even the competitor Apple Arcade, proposed at a really competitive price of 4,99 euros per month, with almost 100 titles inside the catalogue, some of which are really interesting. Playstation Now so felt obliged to partecipate to the competition.

Playstation Now

Since this october, infact, Playstation Now decided to cut the prices and to reduce its subscription from 14,99 euros per month, to 9.99 euros, with a trial period of 7 days. It follows so the proposal of the giant of Mountain View which just arrived in the videogames’ world.

Playstation Now,
Some of the titles available on the platform

Shortly, however, it might debut even the new Playstation 5, to warm up the market Sony decided to reduce the prices of the subscription of the videogames in streaming. Focusing so on a new purpose, which is the one to give more modes: from the download to the streaming, in order to let all the gamers choose the subrscription without any problem due to the kind of connection owned.

Infact all the times that we talk about the platforms for the streaming we assumed that the user has a great internet connection, but it isn’t always true. The network infact is becoming ever more faster, but it doesn’t do it uniformly, and it isn’t possible yet to guarantee a fluid streaming to everyone.

The videogames in streaming

It’s now necessary to get prepared to the revolution that is going to change the videogames’ marketplace. So as well as it was for the video and the music streaming, the changing is now on going. The consoles are becoming and one has to focus on the multi platform.

Especially the arrival of the Google’s platform surely shaked the marketplace, which was until now controlled by the colossus Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. If the first two are already prepared for the streaming, who know what will do Nintendo. Even if it won’t be anticipated by another colussus: Amazon, which could be thinking about the conquer of the videogames’ marketplace too.

Sony in streaming?

It doesn’t seem, infact, for the moment for Playstation it’s really important to focus all on the sale of the console. With the PS4 that arrived to more than 100 million of sales and the 5 that is going at least to match it.

Playstation Now
The page of Playstation Now Italia

But while trying to be more competitive, Playstation Now is so launched at a price in conformity with the other streaming services. The platform, globally released in the 2014, in Italy it just arrived, precisely this march, with a really incredible delay. In five years, in the world, it was able to collect 70 thousand subscriptions, maybe even thanks to the huge collection of titles. Infact, compared with the others, Playstation Now has the bigger collection of videogames of the marketplace, with 700 titles downloadable.

Therefore, Sony says, that every month there will be new interesting titles, which are though playable for a limited time, titles like: Gta V, God of War, Uncharted 4 and Infamous Second Son.  For the download there won’t be any limit, unless the available space on the console.

To guarantee a great streaming we need to have a connection of at least 5 mbps, which allows a maximum resolution of 720p, there isn’t any rumors yet about the 4k resolution, that Google Stadia, instead, has.

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