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Milano Games Week: videogames and e-sport

Milan Games Week

From the 27th to the 29th of September took place, to the Milan Fair the edition 2019 of the Milan Games Week. A week full of events between the pavilions of the fair, where paraded the cosplays of many games’ figures, some between the best gamers challenged themselves during the e-sport and all the passionated fully immersed themselves into amazing worlds.

The Milan Games Week

The one of this year was the ninth edition of the Milan Games Week, previously known only like Games Week. From the 2011 until today the Milan Games Week is the most important italian videogames fair.

Milan Games Week
Milan Games Week

Every year it takes place in the autumn months in the pavilions of the FieraMilano and every year the partecipants exponentially grow. It is since the 2014 that the fair changed its name from Games Week to Milan Games Week, entering so in the trade fair circuit that sees involved the biggest european cities, like the Paris Games Week or the Madrid Games Week.

Edition 2019 of the Milan Games Week

It just ended this ninth edition of the Milan Games Week, which gave more emphasis to the indie games, the section for families, the retrò games, the art, as well as the cosplay and the e-sport.

While going into the pavilon dedicated to the family there were the possibility to find many entertainments even for the younger ones with the cooperation of Giochi Preziosi, Nerf, Smobi and Uno. Therefore to the event there were the psycologists of the OPL (Psycologists Group of Lombardia), which, thanks to a rich calendar, spoke about the pros and cons of the usage of the videogames by the youngest ones.

In the pavilon dedicated to the art, instead, it’s been presented the new book and the first catalogue of the italian digital artists and the game artist. Furthermore, there were exposed more than 50 digital masterpieces reproduced on canvas, to allow everyone to know and to enjoy the art in the videogames.

The games

Like we said there were a great care for the retrò games and for the indie games. About the first ones, in the pavilon dedicated to them, it was possible to walk through 50 years of videogames history. A chronological way through the most loved consoles and videogames. Between the consoles to which there were more attention there were the Intellivision, that this year celebrates 40 years, and the Game Boy, that, instead, just blow out 30 candles.

Milan Games Week
The intellivision, a 40 years old console

About the indie videogames, instead, one could find a huge selection, to emphatize the success that they are living right in this period.

The cosplays

Big protagonists of this Milan Games Week were even the many cosplays that appeared during the days of the fair and that allow their fans to do amazing pictures. Some between the best cosplays of the italian scenario, but even of the international one, showed their last creations, by competing for the prizes, between which there were the best cosplay, the best interpretation, the best accessory, etc.

The cosplay of the Milan Games Week

Therefore, run by Giorgia Cospaly, one of the most famous italian cosplay, there was the Turbonerd, a quiz game like Who wants to be a milionaire? which theme was, obviusly, the videogames.

The e-sport

Let’s arrive, finally, to what earned most success of all during this event. Yes, because the pavilion dedicated to the e-sport was literally stormed, becoming the undisputed king of the whole Milan Games Week.

The arena for the esport to the Milan Fair

The arena settled up to the pavilion 12 of the Fair Rho of Milan saw compete ESL Italia and PG Esport, that since always live a big but sane rivalry.

But whitout any doubt the biggest success of the event was the one of League of Legends, followed by the undisputed king of the mobile videogame: Clash Royal. To go on stage was Daniele di Mauro, nickname: “Jizuke”, the first italian challenger in the global panorama of League of Legends. Around him there were influencer, creator and cosplay.

A big success, so, the one of the e-sport of the ninth edition of the Milan Games Week, cornerstone of the whole event.

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