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October 2019

Waiting for the Playstation 5

Recentelly Sony released some informations about the new console that everyone was waiting for. Informations that many take as certain already, but that they couldn't be really confirmed until the official announcement. The console that…

82 moons is the Saturn’s record

Jupiter was unbeaten for the number of satellites, with 79 moons which rotated around it. A new discovery though overthrown it, by revealing 20 new moons around Saturn, that passes, so, at the first position, with a total of 82.

Igoodi, the avatar’s factory

The digital life is important, for many of us as much as the real one, but the big problem is that we don't know who is in front of us. Our avatar sometimes don't represent us for what we really are. An alter ego of who we would like to be,…

El camino: the sequel of Breaking Bad

The lucky serie of Breaking Bad has now a sequel, but this time it's a movie that finished the storia, obviusly it isn't the one of Walter White but the one of Jesse Pinkman. The movie El camino takes the name from the car drove by Jess for…

The robot Atlas does gymnastics

The humanoid robot Atlas of the Boston Dynamics just two years ago become successful with the video where it moved its first steps and was struggling to put away a box. It was almost tender, the big boy, that barely was able to keep itself…