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FIFA 20 arrived


The month of September one comes back on the field, one comes back into the heart of football, of the Champions League and of all the leagues, which in reality started at the end August. September is the favourite month for the football’s fans, even for the ones that besides the viewers want to enter in the heart of the football panorama even through the videogames. FIFA 20 arrives even this year, on time like always. Now is a tradition, all the fans know that together with the autumn even the ultimate football simulator game arrives.

The Story and the Volta mode

With FIFA 19 we finished the trilogy of Alex Hunter and of his trip. In FIFA 20 a new adventure is waiting for us. In the mode Story this time we will meet an emergent player, which is part of a team which is going on the category world championships. But an accident seriously endangered the partecipation of the team. So we will have to look for new players for our team all over the world.


All of it allows us to deeply explore the fields proposed in the category Volta. The session Volta allows us three modes of game that will bring us to the dawn of the street soccer. They are the three versus three, with the floating goalkeeper, the five versus five and the professional futsal.

The modes of FIFA 20

Besides the Volta mode, which contains like always the session dedicated to the Story, there are further news about the new FIFA 20 that we can find inside the other modes.

Let’s start from the mode Career, which remained mostly unchanged during the last years, this year it has, instead, some news. In FIFA 20, for example, we will find for the first time the Press Conferences, before and after the match, which can affect positively or negatively the player’s mood.

FIFA 20 – Career Mode

Therefore, we can change the aspect of the manager so to feel much more comfortable while we wear his shoes.

In Ultimate Team the main difference compared to FIFA 19 is about the new further missons, besides the daily and weekly ones, like the seasonal ones, to finish in one month.

The Gameplay

FIFA 20 results to be even more fluent compared with its predecessors. The difference can be seen especially in the Volta mood, where the fields are smaller compared with the traditional ones. The movements of the players appear much more natural, even if the artificial intelligence seems to have some problems to manage the floating goalkeeper.


And going on talking about the artificial intelligence the movements of the players and the actions have a really incredible realistic.

“In air. On the ground. In FIFA 20 the ball moves with a realism never seen before”.

We will see some freestyle made by the players in the Volta mode. Finally, a small note about the placed kick, which is equipped with a crosshair that goes next to the switch usage.

About the graphic there isn’t much more to add, due the level of realism already reached in the last editions, it seems impossible to make it better. Even the sound has an excellent quality, followed, one more time, by the play by of Pierluigi Pardo and Stefano Nava.

The release of FIFA 20

For the official release of FIFA 20 Standard Edition we have to wait until the 27th of September. Next to the Standard Edition there are then the Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition.

The Champions Edition of FIFA 20 provides the early access of three days, by making it available, so, from the 24th of September. It provides, therefore, up to 12 packages gold rare FIFA 20.

The Ultimate Edition provides the early access of three days too to the 24th of September and 24 packages gold rare FIFA 20.

While waiting for it though it’s possible to play to the Demo with a match three versus three in Amsterdam and a game experience in UEFA Champions League.

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