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Apple enters in the 5G rush

Apple and the 5G

At the end of all even Apple entered, inevitably, in the 5G rush, the latest generation fast connectivity. It should be three the models of iPhone that will have the new technology, but they won’t be alone. Even the new MacBook Pro will have the new fast connection.

The 5G is coming for the 2020

It could not be otherwise. The 5G is now an essential element for all the products that will be commercialized starting from the second half of the 2020. It was already few months that was rumored about the arrival of the first iPhone 5G and now it seems that those rumors are becoming reality.

That the 2020 will be the year of the 5G is now clear, as well as that the Cupertino’s company wouldn’t let us wait so long before to enter in the challenge.

Even though, firstly, Apple claimed to not be in a hurry to integrate the new fast connection inside its own devices, it seems that it was forced to change its mind, at least to deal with the competitors.

So the Cupertino’s company decided to pass to the unstoppable rush to the 5G and in the 2020 it will present three iPhones and a MacBook Pro with it.

The takeover of the division modem smartphone of Intel

All of it, though, it was possible only after the takeover of the division modem smartphone of Intel by Apple. It guaranteed to the company more sources to invest in the rush to the 5G. The company of Tim Cook therefore made a partnership with Global Unichip, with the purpose to realize the first modem Apple with the new technology, to integrate inside some of the products starting from the next year.

Apple and the 5G
Modem Intel 5G

Now Apple has more sources to develop its telephones 5G after the takeover of the division modem of Intel. We wonder that the price of the Android phones 5G will go down around the 249-349 during the second half of the 2020”, said Kuo, analysts specialized in the company Apple. Which, therefore, claimes that, right starting from the next year, the 5G will be an essential element on the new smartphones.

Three new iPhones 5G

The first rumors talked about two iPhones 5G, coming for the Autumn 2020. But Tim Cook reveals the turnaround and announces that, starting from the second half of the next year, all the new iPhones will be equipped with the new technology.

This means that all the three iPhones that should be released in the autumn 2020 will be equipped with the new fast connection.

Apple and the 5G
Three iPhones 5G are coming

The models which are coming out, infact, are three: one with a 5,4 inches screen, one with a 6,7 inches screen and a third one, with a 6,1 inches screen. This one is a low cost model, like often already happened, to allow even to a medium low range of buyers to get closer to the Apple’s world. Right this model, infact, was firstly excluded from the 5G, but at the end they have to change their mind and all the three models will be released with the new technology.

This because the competitors are ruthless and the smartphones with the new fast connection will be available for everyone.

By the way, to contain the costs, the first two models will support both the frequencies sub-6GHz and mmWave. While the third model will support only the first one.

MacBook Pro

Finally the next Apple notebook will go under important changes. First of all is, obviusly the support of the new connectivity. The purpose of the 5G is, infact, to pass the WiFi and to allow a permanent connection on the portable pcs.

Apple and the 5G
A MacBook Pro 5G is coming

The new MacBook Pro will have a 16,5 inches screen and a new keyboard with scissors’ actuators.

The most important new is obviusly the one linked to the connectivity. It isn’t the first time that Apple thinks to put the mobile connectivity inside a portable computer. But at that time there was the 3G and it was too slow for this purpose. Today with the 5G everything changes and the old projects can be finally realized.

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