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Blue Moon: Jeff Bezos wants the space too

Blue Moon

Blue Origin is the private space agency owned by Jeff Bezos, founded in the 2000, which for years remained in the shadows, by arousing from time to time the interest of the NASA, but without really jumping headlong into the space exploration. Now the richest man in the world reveales his target: Blue Moon is the space vehicle that will bring back the human on the Moon.

And so even the Amazon’s owner enters in the competition, becoming one of the competitors of this new Moon race.

Blue Origin

In the 2000 Jeff Bezos founded his personal space agency, Blue Origin. Back then Bezos wasn’t yet the richest man of the world, but Amazon, already on the marketplace for some years, promised to revolutionize the world. So much that, just a year before, the Time mentioned him as the year’s man.

By the way Blue Origin remained a secret for many years, until one didn’t know that the Amazon’s owner was buying many lands in Texas. So the story of the space agency became public.

Only at that time he revealed his dream, Jeff wants to build a serie of hotels, entertainment parks, colonies and small cities which will orbit around the Earth, for spacial holidays.

During almost 20 years of activity Blue Origin was noted many times by the american space agency. In the 2009 the NASA awared the company for “the development of concepts and technologies to support the future operation of human spacial flight”. The NASA seems interested even to the system LAS, Launch Abort System, realized by Bezos’ company.

Anyway until now Blue Origin didn’t pass the space edges, but it just did suborbital flights, made by its rocket New Shepard. But it promises to realize a rocket able to reach the Moon. For this reason it’s ongoing the project New Glenn.

The Jeff Bezos' suborbital rocket
New Shepard: the Blue Origin’s rocket

Blue Moon

The dream to realize colonies and entertainment parks in the space seems really remote, however Bezos doesn’t stop to stand tall, always taller, until the Moon.

It’s right there, infact, that he wants to arrive in the next years. He announced it during a surprise conference which took place the last 9th of May, where he finally presented the project that he most cares about: Blue Moon. “A really important problem for humanity is that sooner or later we will finish the energy on the Earth”. For this reason between the first passengers there will be those people involved in the research of alternative sustainable energies.

The lunar lander of Blue Origin
The 9th of May 2019 Jeff Bezos presented Blue Moon

In the middle of the project there is the lander Blue Moon, a vehicle which is able to travel in the space and to land on the Moon. At the beginning it will bring only materials and modules, for a total of 6,5 tonns, with the purpose to give the needed instruments for the realisation of the first lunar colony. But in the future it will bring human crews, up and down between our birth planet and our natural satellite.

A really ambitious project and a presentation worhty of a real philanthropist, except for the fact that Blue Origin doesn’t have yet a rocket powerful enough to bring Blue Moon on the Moon.

The new Moon race

We should move as humanity, as an unique race which comes from the same planet, to the discovery the space, however the competition is proper of the human race, and it’s right it that moves us and pushes us to realize amazing things.

The competition which seems the trendiest one between the bigs of the world it’s right the new Moon race, this time to remain.

About it Jeff Bezos is in a very good company: the NASA is working on the project Gateway, Elon Musk, with his space agency, wants Mars, with a pit stop on our satellite. But that’s not all, even the China recentelly revealed to look for the satellite, and the Europe would like a little piece of Moon for it too. Finally, even the Virgin Galactic finally reached the space.

L'uomo tornerà sulla Luna
The new Moon race started

Everyone works with the ultimate terrestrial space agency, the NASA, which is working even on a much more powerful rocket, but until neither them nor Bezos will be able to realize one of them, the only one able to reach the Moon is the Falcon Heavy.

This is the most powerful rocket of the world, successor of the Falcon X, both of the space agency SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, that, for the moment is in front of all in the space race.

Everyone promise that we will need to wait just a bunch of years, the human won’t be late to come back on the Moon, but this time we won’t leave it anymore.

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