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From no-vax to flat earth society: the conspiracy groups that become movies and videogames

conspiratory theories

It’s not a secret the myriad of movements that were born all over the world. Conspiracy theories that assume there is always someone that runs the show of the world behind the scenes. We won’t assume if that’s true or not, because it might be true. But the crazy thing is the where this is going. It’s literally getting out of control, by finding lines of thought that doubt about the basement of the science and of the physics.

The theories

Around the middle of the ‘900 we fought to obtain the vaccines for polio, the disease tha literally halved the child population. Disease that was finally considered wiped out in the 1980, by reaching one of the biggest medical goals of the history. Now, just 40 years after that,there is who fights against the vaccines, by making so vain all the work of the life of the ones that came before us.

But not only.. there is who claims, we now really well it, that the earth is flat, that the evolution doesn’t exist, that the universe doesn’t exist. Those kinds of conspiracy theories are protagonists of post and funny jokes. However which is the reason that pushes the people to join those movements is still a mystery. Maybe is the beauty to fell ourselves “alternatives” or maybe is just to have fun, but we don’t question that there is someone that really believe it.

Whatever the reason is, right or weird they are, we learnt to kown them, and those otherwise are literally conquering every corner of the planet, by influencing many sectors, including the technological, videogames and cinematographic ones.

“Behind the curve”

Here you have the most weird theory of all. About it we really heard everything. And yes, because members of the Flat Earth Society don’t let the conspirators fooling them. They would like to let us to believe that we are only a tiny planet, on a really tiny solar system, docked in a little corner of a very tiny normal galaxy, holding, finally, on the texture of an infinte universe.

Hypothetical scenario of our planet into the collective ideal of the “flat earth society”

Basically we are nothing. And they prompty answer to every question we make to them, by engaging debates about ever more weird topics then the flat earth, like the frozen wall that surrounds the continents or the pacman effect. Or even, the gravity that is just an illusion or the day and night change a clever plot of the ones that rule the world.

And what to say after all of this imagination, whorty of an oscar, they really deserve a dedicated movie on Netflix.

Behind the curve” is the documentary of Daniel J. Clark, that throw us into the whirlwind and absurd world of the Flat Earth Society of the whole world. Between the main protagonists of the movie we find Mark Sargent, one of the main representative of the movement.

“Meet the growing, worldwide community of theorists who defend the belief that the Earth is flat while living in society who vehemently rejects it”.

But it moves

Plague Inc and the No-vax

Even the already mentioned no-vax, followers of the movement that strongly fights against the vaccines, even though the society where we live pushes us to understand how important they are, find out a little corner for them.

Even if probably those conspiratory guys won’t be happy about it, because in the videogame where they are mentioned they trigger a global pandemic.

Plague Inc. – Trigger a global pandemic

We are talking about Plague Inc., a videogame created by Ndemic Creation spreaded before on iOS and Android devices and, then, arrived on Xbox, Playstation 4 and PC. The purpose of the game is the one to create and to spread on the whole planet a global pandemic and to exterminate so the human population, before the spreading of a cure.

Maybe for joke or to taunt the conspiratory theories, the videogame’s fans launched a challenge on twitter: reaching 15.000 signatures to ask to the producers to add to the game the anti-vax. To sign, at the end, were more than 25.000 and the Ndemic Creation accepted the proposal and, in the next upgrades, there will be the no-vax in Plague inc.

Does it want to be a gauntlet launched to the no-vax movement, which is creating upheaval all over the world?

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