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Fifteen years of Twitter

Fifteen years of Twitter

It was the 21st of march of the 2006 when the first tweet was launched on the social network Twitter. Now it celebrates fifteen years and it is one of the most famous and used social ever. Let’s discover together how it changed over the years, to wish it a happy birthday.

The first Tweet

Just setting up my twttr”, it was the tweet of the history. The one launched by Jack Dorsey the 21st of march of the 2006. Who knows if he knew that Twitter would become as much important and relevant in the world? Maybe if he knew he would twitted something more attractative?

First tweet
The first Tweet of the history, the 21st march of the 2006

Maybe, or maybe not. Meanwhile the first tweet became a historical phrase anyway, even with its simplicity.

So many things happened since that first tweet, so many things happened on the social network of the blue bird in that fifteen years. Since the first tweet sent from the space to the ban of Donald Trump from the social network.

Why “Twitter”

Twitter is the social network of the tweets. And it is for this reason that its alter ego is a blue bird tweeting, by filling the world with hundreds of thousands of tweets.

Twitter: a short burst of irrelevant informations

But why Twitter? Why did he choose this name? And why did the messages are called “tweets?”.

Jack Dorsey gave the answer to that questions, a few years after the birth of his creation: “We found out the word Twitter, it was simply perfect. The definition wa: “a short burst of irrelevant informations” and “a tweet of birds”, and it was exactly what the product was”.

Is Twitter a limited social network?

Many could think that Twitter is a limited social network. Wikipedia, for example, doesn’t even define it a social network, but a “service of microblogging”. However only who was born in the age of the SMS can understand that its “limitation” is its strong point.

A tweet counts only 280 characters, but Twitter isn’t a limited social network

Yes, because Twitter was born when the SMS were still in vogue and it is probably for this reason that it decided to imitate their shortness. A tweet can only have 140 characters. Today they are 280. But it doesn’t change a lot, because today we can count on an unlimited flow of datas, which makes almost invisible that 280 characters. But let’s give them to a little guy of the ’90s 280 characters.

Anyway what can seem a limitation it’s in reality its strong point. While on the other social there are long monologues, on Twitter you must thing before to write. You have to close your thought into few simple words. And it is for this reason that was is written Twitter really matter.

Twitter over the years affected the policy, the economy, the trade. For many Twitter became the social network of the offical announcements, of the presentations, of the declarations. Don’t call it limited.

Not only tweets

While the years passed by Twitter added many other elements, besides the classic tweets. First of all, unlike the sms, the tweets have an improved meaning because, who reads, can scroll the bacheca and read all the previous tweets, as well as the author’s biography. There is then the snail, which can catch the attention of a specific user if we put it inside the text.

Besides the tweets, then, there are the images, the videos, the live videos and very soon will arrive even the audios.

There are the Fleets, which resemble the Stories of Instagram. And are arriving, they have been already announced, the tweet that disappear in 24 hours and the premium ones.

The numbers of Twitter

The numbers of Twitter are surely lower than the ones that the main competitors. While the blue bird counts only 353 million of users, Facebook counts 2,8 billions. And only recently the social network of Jack Dorsey started to record substantial incomes.

Twitter is the social network of the announcements, of the declarations and of the official presentations

However its creator is not worry at all about it, he thinks that Twitter is an useful and essential social network, which pulls the reins of the world. And for this reason it will survive unlike the others.


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