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Virtual Reality: a breakthrough in the pandemic stop

Because of the pandemic of Covid-19 the technology had a growing role in the healthcare assistance. Even for this reason one started to look at the virtual reality as a way to assist the ones that have health problems and not only.

Virtual reality and mental health

During the last year were born many specialized centers that support a serie mental hospitals to give a therapy with the virtual reality to threat the phobias.

Many solutions allow to access to digital simulation to stimulate the fears, in a controlled environment, which is perfect for the needs of every patients. This allow them to gradually face the problem and learn to control it.

In the same way the virtual reality can be used as an escape way or to do excercise at home for the problems of mental or physical stop because of the lockdown.

Pandemic and virtual reality

How many of you wished to have a VR device during the first lockdown? A viewer for the virtual reality that represents ever more a way to escape, at least digitally, from the four walls of our apartment.

This device can allow us to go in some exotic place, or to virtually reproduce the walls and the environments of a museum or of some archeological site.

The crises that we are living, caused by the Coronavirus, might sign for this reason and for many others the success of the virtual reality, by making an instrument dedicated only to the passionated a mass one.

virtual reality solution for the future
After the arrival of the pandemic, the virtual reality might become the solution to many problems.

Some positive sign about the usage of this technology starts to be seen. For example, the percentage of the users of Steam (an online platform for the videoplayers) equipped with VR viewers growth of the 50% in the month of april of the 2020.

Besides this it might be even a way to check the patients from remote. They can be helped to live the illness better. Especially about the post Covid-19 depression, they can use the VR devices to cure their disorders and beat their fears.

The VRs before the lockdown

Let’s take a step back. The virtual reality devices aren’t something new. Otherwise, we have to say that before the lockdown the VR devices werent’ such popular.

During the 2019 there was infact a drop in the sales of the 23% compared with the previous year. Before the lockdown infact, the predictions about the usage of this kind of technology were immature. The experience was considered not comfortable. Who tried to use it felt the viewer unpleasant and heavy.

The big advantage of being able to enter into a digital world didn’t compensated for the lack of the manageability of these devices. Furthermore, many of them were still obsolete about the definition compared with the classic videogames.

virtual reality before the lockdown
Before the lockdown the virtual reality was the world of the gamer.

In a short time, the sector decided to invest in this field, by solving these problems, by encouraging the spreading of the virtual reality not only between the gamers, but even in the work world.

The new frontier of the virtual reality is the one to recreate from the remote the work environment immersive and interactive for all the ones that are in smart working. A new way to see even the system, that involves all the activities, like we said even the healthcare one.

Solutions for the future

The virtual reality might be, at least in theory, the perfect instrument to live in a world where the smart working will become normal. A world where we will be able to face other phases of social distance or even a real and massive quarantine.

Anyway the progresses that this technology have to do to become a natural experience are still many. There is something sure: this kind of technology might represent one of the solutions for the human future, by recreating interactions that maybe physically won’t be the same anymore.

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