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Healthcare: the virtual reality in the health


The new technologies demonstrated as the years go by to be useful and suitable in many sectors. And it is for this reason that even the health decided to use one of the most spreaded and hopeful new technology of this period. Especially we are talking about GE Healthcare (General Electric’s medical division), and of its purpose to use the virtual reality to improve the healthcare. Let’s see how.


The main purpose of Healthcare is the one to train new professionals of the health sector enhancing all the potentialities of the virtual reality. It is literally an interactive train through wearable devices and technology web-enabled.
The innovations introduced have the purpose to deal with one of the biggest challange of the healthcare in this period: an increasing need of specialized figures in the managing of the medical technologies. Healthcare
According to recent datas, infact, it is predicted that during the next 10 years around the 25% of the professionals currently at work will go in retirement and we will need, so, to train the new generation.

For this reason every year Healthcare trains 8.000 new professionals which mainly work to the maintenance of the computerized tomography (Cat) and the magnetic resounance.
An important help for the healthcare world that doesn’t have to be overlooked.

The new train

The new train, for now introduced only in the United States, provide a course called “mixed reality” which use wearable devices and it allows to do repairing and maintenance’s operations straight in the place. In this way it is possible to receive train’s courses directly on the job’s place.
The advantages in this kind of approach are prompt and clear. Firstly we are talking about an increase of productivity which is without any doubt optimazed in this way.
Furthermore the learning is sure and excellent, without calculate a huge reducement of the costs about the train which, like we know, it is an important cost for all the companies.


The biggest saving in every case is monitores about the movement’s cost reduction. Every professional to train himself should leave his job’s place and go to specific train’s courses. By cutting those movements it is possible to totally lower the costs.
Furthermore the usage of the VR technology allows to do a learning focused in the errors and a low risks train.

And in Italy?

Like we already mentioned the Healthcare‘s technology is been introduced for now only in the United States but other countries are doing important steps toward it. Specifically Italy is introducing (always thanks to the Healthcare’s support) the Drive’s system (Digital Reality & Intelligent Virtual Experience) which is a technical assistance’s service 4.0 that uses the Virtual Reality to connect the customers and the technician with the purpose to give a quicker and more efficient problems’ resolution.

In this way we have the possibility to remotly manage the operators telling them which steps they have to do to verify the functioning of a specific device, to understand the amount of the damage and to do small resolutive operations. Healthcare
It is so a 360 degrees system that allows to give to the customer the felling to be in the same room with him letting him see specifically which steps he has to follow.

It seems that the Virtual Reality can have many other uses besides the classic ones that we are used to see. The news introduced by Healthcare is without any doubt something that in the long term will give useful instruments and will be able to deeply improve the whole health environment with new instruments and technologies in the service of the humans.

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