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How to travel with the virtual reality

Traveling with the virtual reality

Traveling in this 2020 became a chimera. Impossible and if possible maybe it doesn’t worth it, as much is the stress to do everything. We can postpone it a little bit more, and come back to safely travel, tomorrow. But not for this reason we have to give up with all the pleasures of the life. It’s possible to safely travel, even today. It’s possible from home, with the virtual reality. Let’s find out how.

What do we need to travel with the virtual reality

The virtual reality did giant steps and if we cannot enter inside a fake world like the one of Ready Player One, it’s not far off.

Many, a lot of people, found technological tricks to survive to the pandemic of Covid 19 that fully overturned our habits. Our habits were yes overturned, but thanks to the technology we don’t have to give up with nothing, not even with travels.

Traveling with the virtual reality
With the virtual reality we can safely travel, in every corner of the planet, and not only

To travel with the virtual reality we, obviusly, need a viewer. Every viewer is good to travel, from the cheapest ones to the most exclusive, from the simple Google Cardboard to the better Sony PlayStation VR, until the top of the line, that in this case probably are the many Oculus.

After that it’s enough to open the stores and to look for the applications that allow us to travel by comfortably, and safely, staying at home.

The most important thing is the trip and not the destination

Nothing truest, and the japanese air company First Air knows it. It offeres air trips in virtual reality. You understood right. So, if you are an air trips lover and if it is a basic part of your holidays, as much as the white beaches, the museums and the art cities, that’s what you need.

First Air
There is a japanese air company that sells tickets to travel in augmented reality

How stressful is it to travel by airplane in the middle of the pandemic? With the program of virtual reality of First Air we can buy the ticket, sit down on our booked seat, together with the other passengers and we can, even, order a meal.

The service, in reality, is working already since the 2017 but, as the company says, in the 2020 the tickets sales increased of the 50%.

Traveling with the virtual reality thanks to Google Earth

Let’s start from Google Earth. Who never explored every corner, even the most remote ones, of the world, thanks to the most famous platform of its kind.

Google Earth
Google Earth is the very first step to start to travel with the virtual reality

Google Earth is available even for the virtual reality, but it is compatible only with the viewers Oculus Rift, by Facebook, and Vive by Htc.

Next to Google Earth there is Google Art and Culture, which uses the technology Street View and brings us to visit some of the most beautiful and important sites of the world. From the Giza Pyramids to the Machu Picchu Ruins, until the Taj Mahal.

National Geographic Explore VR

Another interesting app to use with the virtual reality to safely travel is National Geographic Explore VR. Here we will wear the shoes of a real reporter of one of the most famous travel magazine.

National Geographic VR Experience
Between the freezing water of the Antarctica thanks to the app National Geographic VR Experience

We can explore the Antarctica, sail between the icebergs, save a colony of penguins. Or we can go in the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, digitally re-build as like as it was back in time.

The application, though, is available only for Oculus Quest.

Visit the most famous touristic sites with the virtual reality

There are many countries, parks, archeologic sites, museums, that gave to the users real virtual tours for the virtual reality. What did you plan for this 2020? Did you want to jump into the history by visiting the biggest archeologic sites of the world or did you want to be wowed by the Gran Canyon?

We can visit Pompei thanks to the application Pompei App VR that will bring us not only to visit the current ruins, but that will show us how the city was before the Vesuvio eruption. We will be able to enter inside an ancient roman villa, to visit two amazing gardens of the city and to do a jump into the bath.

Pompei VR
Welcome to the ancient roman city of Pompei. How was it to live there before the eruption?

Then there areThe Gran Canyon VR Experience, that will bring us onboard of a kayak, Patagonia, that will let us climb the Mount Fitzroy, in Argentina. Atene VR, Rome VR, Everest VR and, even Chernobyl VR, to explore every corner of the Earth. But not only, infact, traveling in virtual reality allows us to pass the limits of a real travel. NASA VR, infact, brings us inside the International Space Station!

Nothing is unreachable. Today, with the technology, everything is just a viewer away.

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