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Microsoft Mesh: the meetings in mixed reality are coming

Microsoft Mesh

In the last year we discovered a new way to work. A way that arrived suddenly, but that we will, probably, continue to use. Many companies, infact, discovered the smart working and didn’t leave it anymore, not even when the restrictions decreased. And here we found another world, a door on the future. Work from remote is possible and the technology gives us all the possible systems. Today we will discover an innovative and futuristic way to organize a company meeting: Microsoft Mesh, the system for the mixed reality meetings.

What is Microsoft Mesh

“Here can be anywhere”

Microsoft presents Mesh and it seems to be thrown into a science fiction movie. It is a software able to manage the mixed reality, the communications and the video capture. But what are we talking about? Holograms!

For real, it isn’t science fiction, but it’s very close to it.

The presentation to the Microsoft Ignite 2021

The first days of March, during the event Microsoft Ignite 2021, they presented much news in the world of Microsoft. They talked about Cloud, about Dynamics 365 Marketing, about Azure Percept and its upgrades.

Microsoft Mesh
With Microsoft Mesh you can be anywhere

But all the attention was soon catched by the presentation of Microsoft Mesh. The system will be integrated in the packages Team and Dynamics 365, that work in the field of the company communication.

To explain how the future meetings will be was the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella: “the new platform for the mixed reality allows the people to get closer even if they are in different continents, by giving them the possibility to interact with 3D contents or with the others through apps or every platform or device”.

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow of Microsoft, therefore added: “this was the dream of the mixed reality, the idea since the beginning. You can really feel as you are in the same place with someone that share contents and that you can teleport yourself from different devices of mixed reality and be present with the people even when you aren’t physically together”.

Obviusly, the period couldn’t better than this.

How does Microsoft Mesh work

But how does this system of mixed reality meetings work? Microsoft Mesh uses a technology of 3D capture and it then transmit the realistic image in a virtual scene. The person filmed, or at least his image, is, so, transported in a virtual environment, which is visible through a viewer.

Meeting Mesh
Organize the meetings in mixed reality, with photorealist or invented avatars

The same presentation was the demonstration of the functioning of Mesh. Alex Kipman, infact, appeared on the scene of the Microsoft Ignite as a hologram. Together with him, to explain the functioning of the new platform, there were James Cameron, filmmaker and oceanic explorer, and John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, the most important company of augmented reality.

With Microsoft Mesh it will be possible to organize sessions of virtual planning, give assistance, organize meeting and meetup.

All of it thanks to photorealistic avatars, but even to avatars completelly invented.

Microsoft Mesh
Microsoft Mesh for engineers, doctors and not only

Architects and engineers might be able to physically walk through a holographic model of the floor of a factory, by seeing all the pieces of the equipments that fit together in three dimensions, by avoiding potential errors.

It can be the same even for the students of engineering and medicine that will be able to meet together as avatars around a holographic model and move the pieces of an engine or the muscles of the back to see what there is under it”.

Already in the next months a suite with all the instruments for the avatars will be launched, for the management of the sessions, for the holoportation and for all the functions of the mixed reality.

At the beginning Mesh will work with the HoloLens 2, but then it will be available even on other devices. We don’t have  to wait anymore, the future is already here.

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