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Bolt 4, no more reckless driving with the new scooter

Bolt 4, the new electric scooter

The scooter are becoming so popular in the main cities of the world. Usually, sadly, they are involved in unfortunate events. Infact they are left over the footpath, in this way they don’t allow wheelchairs and buggies to go through easly. In some cities with rivers passing through them it happens that the scooters go in the water. But the biggest problem is that nobody respect the rules of the road. Yes, because we don’t think that the scooters have to respect the same rules for car and motorbike, but we are wrong. They are very dangerous, for the people using them and even for drivers and pedestrians. So is a duty to respect the rules of the road. Fortunately came out the new Bolt 4, the scooter that “yell” at the driver if he/she drives in a not appropriate way. Let’s take a look together.

The boom of the electric scooter

It’s been already few years that the electric scooters have literally filled every corner of our towns. Thanks to the sharing companies that make them available to everyone. Recently, then, even with the mobility bonus, thare was a big increase in the expansion of this vehicle.

Bolt 4, the new electric scooter
Negli ultimi anni abbiamo visto un boom di monopattini elettrici in tutte le città del mondo

Unfortunately the accident involving the electric scooters are increasing. For this reason the electric scooter’s production companies and the sharing companies are trying to find a way to prevent the problem.

Bolt 4 is arriving

The electric scooter Bolt, the pride of a sharing start up present in 45 european cities, is now arrived to the 4th generation.

Bolt 4
I monopattini della start up Bolt sono presenti in 45 città europee

Bolt 4 is a super technological electric scooter, equipped with sensors to reveal the danger and advice the driver in the case his/her way to drive is reckless.

The electric scooter is made by recycable alluminium, it weights 19 kilos, The battery has a duration of 40 km and a max speed of 25 km/h.

The new electric scooter’s parts can be replaced (in particular way the batterry can be replaced in place) ensuring in this way about sixty months of life.

The reckless drive’s sensor

As we said before, the big news about this electric scooter are the integrated sensors. The bolt 4 sensors are able to reveal even the accidents or a misconduct of the driver. These sensors reveal the falls and the drifts and they send a signal to the operations center.

Bolt 4 sensors
Bolt 4 is equipped with reckless drive sensors

The last one then send visual and audio signals to the driver, that will remember him/her to pay more attention and to drive safer.

Also the electric scooter is equipped with a display, giving to the driver all the informations to drive correctly. On the display will appear messages about not correct drive in the case the driver enter in a pedestrian’s area or if he/she is in an area where you have to drive with a moderate speed. Also, always on the Bolt 4 display will be reported the anauthorized parkings, so to avoid to abandon the electric scooter around the city.

The Bolt 4 application and other levels of security on the drive

Like every electric scooter in a sharing service, even the Bolt 4 has its own application. Here you can find other levels of security on the drive. For example, through the application it will be possible to set the max speed limit to 15 km/h or to limit the acceleration.

Bolt 4 application
other levels of security can be set through the application of Bolt 4

The limitations that can be set through the application are very usefull in the case of a first approach to the vehicle. Or even in the case the parents want to limit and want to stop the son’s electric scooter.

At the end, the start up that projected Bolt 4 has announced that it is expanding! In the next year they will be in 100 european cities, for a total of 130.000 vehicles (between electric scooter and e-bike) circulating.

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