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Electric scooter: which one should we buy

Many of us already bought it. Others are still trying to understand if they like it or not. Someone decided for an electric scooter unless than a bike to have a vehicle for the city which isn’t hard to use. Was it a good choice? Let’s find out it together.

History of the electric scooter

The history says that the first patent for an electric device for the personal carriage dates back in the 1895 from the inventor Ogden Bolten Jr, in Ohio, United States. The design of the one that seemed an electric scooter was very revolutionary for that years.

Since there the patent evolved, it was improved and refined, until to arrive from the electric motorbike to the electric scooter, with the technology rapidly growing. The eco sustainable nature and the practicality of its usage supply a growing marketplace, which rythm is ruled even by the incentives and the bonus released by the government to improve an eco-friendly mobility and to reduce the CO2 emissions.

electric scooter
The history of the electric scooter is longer than we think. Especially it is a growing vehicle for its ecofriendly characteristics.

It even has some disadvantage: it is a vehicle that wasn’t well regulated by the rules of the road, so they can be used with caution and by taking care to the biker lovers which feels the presence of the electric scooter as an invasion.

How much does the electric scooter cost?

Well, it starts from 300 euros and more. On the marketplace there are many models, all of them are very competitive both for characteristics and performances. Let’s see together first of all the cheapest.

The Nilox Doc Eco 3 black costs 179,90€ and it is currently the cheaper one between all the electric scooters. It has a massimum carriage of 100 kg and a speed of 12 km/h. The battery lasts about 10 km and we can choose to drive it in two different speeds.

electric scooter nilox
Here you have the cheapest electric scooter on the marketplace. An object that was born to satisfy the needs of the beginners.

It is very light, because it has an aluminium case that makes it weight 7,9 kg. It is practical and handle, it has an adjustable handlebar and the double brake, a not slip platform for the rainy days and night lights: one in the front and one in the back.

It really has everything, so if you are a beginner and you would like to buy one of them without spent too much, it might be your choice. Anyway it isn’t the trendiest on the marketplace. For that one we have to talk about the company Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Eletric Scooter 1S

This is surely “THE” electric scooter, which means, the one that made them famous few years ago. Xiaomi is a chinese company that works in the electronic world, it was born in the 2010. With it it was even born this little jewel of the technology on two wheels.

electric scooter xiaomi
Xiaomi is a brand that made the electric one of its top of the line products.

At the beginning it was bought only by children as an alternative of the classic scooter. Then with the time it became a great alternative to go in the office or in the park in the big cities. The peculiarity of this electric scooter is its advanced design and the possibility to fold it on itself.

It has an engine power of 250W that brings it up to 25 km/h. Compared with the Nilox it has a higher autonomy: it arrives up to 30 km and we can control it on the display LED which is on the dashboard next to the handlebar.

Its case is in aeronautic aluminium, which makes it very competitive even and especially for the aesthetic, besides to make it light and versatile.

Moma bikes: for a sprinter experience

If it isn’t enough, we propose a third very interesting model. It is the Moma bikes E500, a real bomb about the engine. Why? Easy, it can reach 500W and pass the 25 km/h. As well as the Xiaomi it can travel without being charged for 30 km and it has a back disk brake that allows a higher grip on the floor and a higher safety.

electric scooter moma bikes
Moma Bikes, is a real jewel of electric scooter. Handle, foldable, but especially fast and strong.

We can easily say that it is the best electric scooter of the 2020 for its wheels: it is equipped with full wheels of 8,5 ” compared with the wheels of 6″ of the competitors. This even increase its stabiliy, but not only. The full wheels never drill: it is a big advantage compared with the other electric scooters.

If you aren’t convinced yet to buy an electeric scooter let’s say that it is currently the best vehicle for the micromobility: it is safe – obviusly if we use the helmet – easy to carry and to park, but especially it allows to safe the fuel and to save a lot of smog in favour of the environment.

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