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The escape rooms come to your house

Escape Room

The escape rooms became very popular in the last years. It is a live game very interactive and emotional. But with the pandemic these game “rooms” had to close. And so they had to re-invent themselves, like everyone else, and the escape rooms that come to your house were born. Let’s find out what they are.

What is the escape room

Escape room is a escape from the room game in person. The partecipants to the game, which usually are between 2 and 6, are closed inside a room, from which they have to come out in a limited time (usually is a hour, but some structures arrives even to two).

To come out the players have to solve a serie of riddles, puzzles and jokes. The room, therefore, has almost always a theme. The game stimulates the brain and creates a team work. That’s why it is often chosen for a company outing.

Escape Room
The Escape Room stimulates the team working

The very first rooms were created in Japan, in the 2008. The game was organized inside cafes or restaurants, which were filled with clues and riddles.

In the 2012 over 2300 sessions of the game were made. But it was only in the 2011 that the game arrived in Europe. The first european Escape Room was in Budapest, Hungary. While the first italian structure was born in Turin in the 2015.

Nowadays there are many of them spreaded in all the italian cities.

Table games and videogames

Because of the incredible success here you have the first table games appeared and even a countless number of mini games for smartphone.

About the first ones, the table games producers were very interested to the dynamics of this game and to the success that it had. It was like that that the first escape rooms in a box were born.

The first one to try it was the american ThinkFun that, in the 2016 commercialized its Escape The Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor.

Exit Escape Room
Exit is the serie of Escape rooms in a box created by the german Kosmos

After that it was the time of the german Kosmos which publishes a serie of games in a box called Exit.

About the videogames, instead, the list is almost endless. It’s enough to open the store of the smartphone and to look for escape room and we will see that there are all genre of them.

Between the most famous and played ones for smartphone we find Doors and 100 Doors. Here we will have to open 100 doors, each one of them with its own characteristics. The version with the doors was made then of all kinds, because of the success.

100 doors videogame
The serie 100 doors is one of the most loved escape from the room videogames

But there are even many classic escape rooms and not only. Some of them let us run away from the school, other ones from a haunted manor, other from the train, some of them are horror, others are quieter.

The escape room to your house

But let’s come back to the original escape room. The one in person. There are many of them in all the city now. Many already tried it and many others said a thousand of times “We must go”. But then the 2020 arrived to mess up the world and so even the escape rooms closed.

For this reason they had to re-invent themselves and here you have that they easily and safely come to your home.

Escape room
To escape from the room we have to find the clues hidden inside it

EscapeRoomacasatua.it fully encloses the essence of the escape from the room game played from remote. It isn’t only a mini game for smartphone, like the ones we mentioned before, here there is a real room perfectly realized and real actors! To play it is enough a computer (or a mobile phone), an internet connection and a group of friends.

For this reason it works exactly like the real escape rooms: we have to book date and time and to pay the entrance; there will be time, there will be the checks and there will be real actors to make the experience even more adrenalinic. Try it yourself.

But they aren’t the only ones to adapt themselves to the pandemic. Many escape rooms started to play from remote, so the game never ends.

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