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Escape Room and boardgame for two

Escape room and board games

We talked a lot about videogames, but they are not the only ones. To be entertained during these different days, where the life is not the same anymore and for a long time it will not be back to normal, we suggest you Escape Room to play online with friends and boardgames even for just two people.

Escape Room online

Many things in this strange period are changing, some people are trying to reinvent their own activities, even the cappuccino is now take away. Right for this reason the Escape Rooms, became even more famous before the pandemic, now are online.

But let’s take a step back and talk om what is exactly an Escape Room. The escape room is a live escape game, especially it’s a logic game that takes place inside a room settled (which means that it’s furnished with props which are useful to solve the mystery). Once inside the competitors will have to solve riddles, puzzles, jokes in a limited time to be able to really “escape” from the room.

games escape room
The story from which the chapter of the many cities of Minime Differenze start with games and riddles

If you want to try or if instead you miss this kind of experience you can use the online version, to play at home, but even in remote via chat.

Like the one of minimedifferenze.com: two Escape Rooms settled one in Turin and the other one in Ferrara; clues, notes, mysteries, will carry you between the streets of the cities to find out all the unknown sides.

You can play alone or up to six players simultaneously, even from remote, and they guarantee up to two hours of game, there is nothing to print because it is fully playable online.

But if you speak a little bit of english and you are a Harry Potter fan, you can’t miss the free Escape Room dedicated to the young magician. It’s been realized by the library Peters Township Public Library in McMurray (Pennsylvania). It’s perfect even for the children, it will entertain you for about twenty minutes, during which though you will be throw between the towers of the school of magic of Hogwarts.

Board games for two

If instead you like the board games, but at home you are only in two, we suggest some interesting titles even if you aren’t a big group.


By Ghenos Games it’s suggest for eight years and over and it will bring you in Portugal to realize the marvelous azulejos as faster as possible compared with the competitors. An easy game perfect for the whole family, the matchs are short and addictive.

board games
The coloured Azul, to play even with the children

Codenames Duet

By Cranio Creation it’s suggest for  eleven years and over, and it’s an addictive game to test the compatibility. Everyone infact will have to make the partner guess a serie of words, by using the common experience becoming so one between the most renewable games ever.

Paris: La Cité de la Lumière

This title is thought exclusively for two people, for eight years and over. On a small board of game we must build the city of Paris trying to win and to prevent the moves of the rival. The match is short, perfect to fill up the waiting moments.

games Paris
The board of game of Paris: La Cité de la Lumière

The Lord of the Ring: Travels in the Middle Earth

After Harry Potter let’s fly in the Middle Earth, for the fans of the Fantasy it’s between the games that you can’t miss. It is produced by Asmodee you can play from one to five players since the fortheen years of age.

The players cooperate to do many missions by exploring the Middle Earth. The game is supported by an app. It’s provide three levels of game and if you like the genre you can even complete the board with many other expansions.

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