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Spotify Group Session: the cooperative playlist

The new function Group Session

A new function for Spotify: a group playlist to choose together the songs to listen with the Group session.

Group session: a project to which Spotify is working for a while

Spotify released a new function, it’s doing it gradually under the shape of many tests for the Premium users. The Group session is literally a group session and it gives the possibility to listen the same music to two or more people. The choice of the playlist is shared and everything will be in real time.

It will be so possible to realize a playlist in this moment by adding as we like new songs that will go at the end of the line. There are furthermore available all the normal functions like the skip or the possibility to stop.

Spotify though is working to this project for a long time. Infact Jane Manchun Wond, reveverse engineer and blogger, discovered the function already a year ago. Jane is famous on the social right to be able to discover new functions hidden in the most famous apps.

How does the beta version of Group session work

But now the Group session is available for real, at least for some users in the beta phase. This means that it isn’t yet a stable version, but it is a test version that must be improved thanks to the check of the reported errors.

group session
Some screenshot about how activate the new function of Spotify premium: Group session

At the moment the Group session supports up to 100 users, and you will say they are a lot! Unfortunatelly that they must be all in the same physical place, this make the thing limited and less practical.

Infact the real potentialities of this function are especially about the usage of a group session in remote. Let’s for example think to two friends that can listen simultaneously the same song by changing the playlist in realtime, but in different areas of the world.

Currently it’s not excluded that this function can become real and that so it will be possible to create one day group sessions for distance people to listen the same song in real time even from remote.

It’s maybe thought for the lockdown, the Spotify Group session can be useful to avoid fights in the family, infact every person can give his support to the playlist and listen all together their favourite song.

To activate the group session a user will have to cover the role of host, all the users that would like to partecipate to the cooperative playlist will have to scan the Qr code available on the screen of the smartphone host, by selecting the option Scan and partecipate.

If you don’t know what song listen

Spotify realized even another small very interesting application. We start from the thing that every second its about 30 thousands users choose a song in the same moment with someone else that they don’t know.

group session
The page of Spotify where it’s possible to explore the songs that are listen in the same momentesso momento

Spotify realize so a page where it’s possible to find out which songs are listened simultaneously thanks to an explorable globe, the page it’s called Listening Together. This operation is publicized with the italian claim “In ascolto, insieme” and it has even a playlist created specifically for it, it can be listen straight on Spotify, to feel more connected even when we are away.

This playlist has inside songs with artists like Madonna, Bob Dylan, Rihanna, Dua Lipa. Some artists personally supported by adding some songs, like Alicia Keys that put the song Feelin Good by Nina Simone, to remember everyone that we can be happy even in this period. For your Group sessions, so, you can out even the songs discovered thanks to Listening Together.

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