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What’s the 8D music

8D music

There are many technologies around every aspect of our lifes, from the reading, to the medicine, to the music. And never like in this hard period we rediscovered how much it is essential for us and how much sometimes it can be amazing. Right during this quarantine, infact, it’s getting famous a new way to listen the music: the 8D music.

What is the 8D music?

The 8D music or 8D audio is the new frontier of the music and this technic is spreading already for a while in the rap industry. The 8D music surrounds you with the music. This technology gives the feeling to be literally surrounded and covered by the music, like every wall, ceiling and floor was covered with speakers and the music was everywhere around us.

8D music
The 8d music rotates around us

The feeling is the one of a music that continuosly rotates around us and inside our mind. Like it entered from an ear, fully covered us, by doing a turnover inside our mind, passing from the left to the right, from the back to the front, and then go outside from the other ear.

A circle effect, so, inside our mind and around us, in the environment that surrounds us. It’s unbelievable. But we can hear it only with the earphones!

The innovation of the music world

With the 8D we can dip ourselves in a perceptive experience at 360°. The sound is not felt as linear, but circulary. We can compare this kind of technology with the surround systems, but to listen a song in 8D we only need a pair of headphones.

8d music
The 8D music can be listen only with the earphones

To make it possible they use a new system, the panning, which allows to divide the sound in multichannel stereo field.

With the 8D music we feel the sounds like coming from different points in the room or in the environment. As well as a home theater system, where every speaker emits a different sound in a different moment. But the sound doesn’t come from a speaker placed in a point in the room, but from the earphones that we have in the ears. For this reason the music rotates, but inside our head, by carrying us through a music flow that run free in the air.

What can we listen in 8D?

Many rap lovers received messages by friends or groups with the text: “listen it with the headphones!” and a link with an audio track, often uploaded on youtube of a song in 8D. But, in reality, even if this kind of music took hold in the rap sector no artists published a song, not even an album, in 8D yet. All the available songs with this soundy technology are mixed by the same users.

8d music
The songs in 8D are available on Youtube

We don’t know yet who will be the first one to publish an album in 8D, but due the success that it had right in this sector many will wonder that it will a rapper.

It’s enough to go on Youtube and to write 8D music, to find many of the available songs and to immerge ourselves in this incredible experience. And even if to start it it was the rap, now it’s not alone anymore. We can listen, for example, Believer by the Imagine Dragons, or Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Especially in this period the 8D music is getting a big success, even if in reality it exists already for months. Maybe it’s the impossibility to watch a live concert that pushed us to find alternative solutions. And this is what goes most closer to a live concert. Let’s leave us surrounding by the circular flow of the music, maybe this period will look better.

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