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The useful services to listen music in streaming


Once we had the vinyl albums, then we evolved with the arrive of the audio cassettes: with them we had the advent of the concept of personalised playlist. To the cassettes followed the CD and, finally, the Mp3 digital formats to download on your readers. The last technological revolution in this field is surely the birth of the platforms that allow to listen the music in streaming.

In this case is like if the songs weren’t bought, but “rented”, allowing us to accede to a basically illimitated quantity of songs (tens of billions).

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

App Android, iOS, Windows Phone

The main applications to listen the music in streaming on the mobile devices are:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Google Play Music
  • Rdio
  • Napster
  • Xbox Music
  • TuneIn


It is absolutely the most famous service of musical streaming. Publicised and sponsorised ine very way since the beginning. At the beginning of the 2015 it counted 60 millions of registered. A quarter of them with Premium subscription.

What surely helped the boom of Spotify, besides the advertising and the regular offert for the subscriptions to the Premium version is surely the full integration with fixed and mobile devices.

To this we have to add that, being it the most useful platform, it is constantly upgraded with the last releases. Many producers of home devices, furthermore, are releated with Spotify and thorugh Spotify Connect they allow to bring music from their companies.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the platform for listen music in streaming launched by Apple the same day when it was announced they won’t put anymore on the marketplace new Apple iPod: it is a kind of passing of the torch.

The MP3 readers leave the place to the musical streaming. The ambition of Apple remains the same one of when it was released the first iPod: revolutionize the way to listen music. Even on Apple Music there are billions of songs and, therefore, the streaming function of the radio. The prices are the same of Spotify.

By the way, the aspect that without any doubt limits the usage of this platform is due to the fact that it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (with installed a version of the firmware from the 8.4 onwards), Apple Watch and Mac.

The unique exception is for the computer Windows, on which is possible to install the application Apple iTunes. Even in this case, as well as for Spotify, there are some basic funtioning freely usable and other available only with the subscription Premium.

The quality of the musical streaming, in both cases, is about 256 kbps (kilobyte per second).

Apple Music
Apple Music


Deezer is surely another protagonist between the musical streaming servics. The catalogue available on this platform is probabky higher compared with the competitors. Anyway, it is a rally valid instrument not only about quantity, but even about quality.

Recently is been released the program Elite, which previous a monthly payment lighlty higher than the standard one, allows to list songs in quality lossless (FLAC format).

It is a function available only on some certificated terminals, bu it is really interesting for the most passionated of music.

Another interesting function, which is missed in the other softwares, is the possibility to read the song lyrics together with their reproduction, thanks to the cooperation with LyricFind.


Google Play Music

It is the last platform to listen music in streaming of which we will talk about in this article, due to the fact that Rdio, Napster, Xbox Music and TuneIn are really less spreaded and don’t give added functionings compared with the other softwares previously listed.

Google Play Music is perfectly integrated in the Android world and, besides the streaming, it gives the possiblity to have a small space on the Cloud where we can save around 50.000 songs freely.

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