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Wuhan, the fight to the Coronavirus is “even” technological

Wuhan sides the nurse robots against the epidemic of Covid-19

Wuhan, China; the city where everything started.

In Wuhan arrived for the first time the nightmare called New Coronavirus, that few months made the whole world tremble. By bringing down the global economy and provoking an unprecedent crises.

Wuhan isn’t though only the epicenter of the pandemic of Covid-19.

This chinese city, infact, is even a flourishing technological and research center.

And right the technology allowed Wuhan to survive to the pandemic. From a side, by limiting the contacts between the infected and the rest of the population. From the other side, by helping the research of cares and efficient threatments.

Nurses Robots in Wuhan

To face with the Coronavirus, Wuhan used technology and robotic.

In the field hospitals of the city, the robots many times replaced the human staff. At least, in the case of nurses and cleaners.

At Wuhan even the robots fight the Coronavirus
One of the many robot sided against the Covid-19

But in Wuhan the robots managed even the threatments and they brought the food to the patients.

These “nurse robots” are able to manage the unti autonomously, without the human help.

If not in the initial phases, when the hospital staff prepared the department to support the duties of the robotic “colleagues”.

Humanoid and equipped with GPS; here you have how the nurse robots work

The nurse robots of Wuhan probably represent one of the new frontier of the robotic. 

Otherwise it doesn’t surprise that right the China is advanced in the creation of robots. Like we saw in many other articles, the technology in this field is doing giant steps.

In the development of the robots, the scientists considered even the needs of the patients to speak with them. The robots of Wuhan must had the most reliable aspect.

Nurse robot
The robots interact with the patients

But even the functions is essential. The robots infact had to be able to look at the patients under every aspect. So not only by delivering the food and the medicines, but to change the sheets, to sanitize the surfaces and to do the tests.

Let’s clarify that the patients of the unit weren’t so serious. They required infact the essential assistance of the medical human staff. By the way, the usage of the robots allowed the hospital of Wuhan to face a desperate situation.

The medical staff, infact, often becomes on its own victim of the Covid-19 infection. From the beginning of the epidemic, more than 3.000 doctors of the province of Hubei got sick.

5G, threedimensional maps and realtime results at Wuhan

If the help of the robots transformed the hospital of Wuhan in real strongholds, it is even thanks to the sophisticated technological components of the robots.

Like we saw, not only their chassis allows an extreme mobility. The robots are even equipped with 5G connections to supply themselves. The 5G, actually, allowed the hospital of Wuhan to optimaze the times and the resources. By making the robots absolutely versatile and reliable under every aspect.

With slower connections or less performing, it would be very hard to fully give the autonomy of a hospital unit to the machines. Otherwise, the usage of the 5G network improved the efficiency of the new “cybernetic staff”.

The robot of Wuhan
5G, Cloud connection and advanced coding; they are the robots of Wuhan

The robots are so able to transmit istantly the results of the analysis and the controls to the operating center where the doctors are. They can, so, evaluate the clinical situation of the patient and his answer to medicines and therapies. By limiting though the contact with the infections and, so, the risks to be infected by the Covid too.

Furthermore the robots have very sophisticated 3D maps integrated in their circuits. This allows them to move in the lanes by crossing obstacles and dams with the naturalness of a real human nurse.

The nurse robots can autonomously do a huge number of controls. Blood tests, temperature and heartbeat, without overlook to the psychophysical wellbeing of the patients. The robots, infact, entertein the patients with short shows and they can interact with them, by answering to their question and by giving them informations.

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