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Resolteam combats violence against women

The new project Resolteam

One talks a lot about personal safe, but actually unless the pepper sprays we can really do few without the risk to become the one who is wrong. Resolteam instead was able to create a revolutionary device which is useful for the safety of everyone, it is Eyewhere.

The anti violence Eyewhere system of Resolteam

Eyewhere is a really particular system, first of all it is really small and so we can easily bring it with us. It can be put inside a bracelet or a necklace, for example, or even inside the watch. The suggest is the one to always use to of them, in case one of them will be damaged or stolen, being it fully customizable, it won’t be hard to find two different hiding places.

This device is a personal alarm, infact it actives itself when it feels the main signs of aggression which are jostlings, falls. In these cases Eyewhere promptly sends a sign to the safety network of the person and it calls the police. But the most interesting thing, to integrate and to make the project unique is another one.

This device can help the women victim of stalker

Infact when Eyewhere is activated it starts even to record the audio and the video of what is happening to the person that wears it. So the operator that receives the call will be able to better manage the situation, understanding what is happening and which action should be taken.

With this system it’s possible to promptly act about the possibility to protect ourselves. Infact it’s possible to establish already a detailed complaint about what is happening. By getting so quicker the police operations or the one about the health assistance.

Another important aspect is its usage field. Eyewhere isn’t useful only to manage some aggressions, but it’s even a lifesaver in case of illness of who wears it. It can so be used by elderly people or with some illness, by allowing a quick and focused action. In this way we can give a higher indipendence to the most sensitive people.

This system can provide the possibility to send a picture to the rescuers so that they can easily recognise the person that launched the sign. Furthermore the sign is really precise, infact it has a range of only half meter, allowing so much quicker actions.

Other possible usages

But its effort can go even further. It can be useful in the cases of stalking or domestic violence. The datas talks clear: almost three milions and half of italian women were at least ones victim of stalking.

The 78% of the women victim of staling decides to not act right because the violences were made by really close people.

It can be even useful against the bullied and the abuses on children

If we talk instead about domestic violence the datas are even more unbelievable. The 31,5% of the women between the 16 and the 70 years got during her life of some kind of phisycal or sexual violence. Of these women, the 13,6% had a violence by the partner or the ex partner, while the 24,7% had it by someone of the knowledges like colleagues, friends or relatives.

Here we can put Resolteam, with the hope to help who decided to stop all of this. It will be so enough to wear a small device to let the operator know what is happening and to allow the police to promptly act.

The same thing is about the children which can be victim of abuses or bullied, this device can be a valid help for their protection.

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