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OnePlus 7T: performances at the top for a competitive price

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus is ever more growing, by starting with limited edition products and by using the word of mouth they were able to become a colossus. So much that they are able to focus the attention to every new release. The new arrived is OnePlus 7T, which was presented only few days ago. But let’s see the technical characteristics.

OnePlus 7T: the strong suits

Let’s start from the fact that it’s been sold already with a protective cover and a protection for the screen, small things, but they smell as a gift.

This smartphone is equipped with a processor Snapdragon 855+, together with a Ram of 8 GB to let the last generation apps work. About the cameras it has nothing to envy to the best ones: the main camera is a 48 Megapixel and, together with it, there is even a tele photo lens with 8 Megapixel and a wide angle lens with 16 Megapixel with an opening of 120°.

Even the frontal camera is very performing, it has 16 Megapixel too, it’s equipped even with stabilizer EIS. This asset is able to give great pictures during the night and amazing macros: it’s able infact to make pictures with only 2,5 cm of distance. Therefore thanks to the possibility to change the camera during the shot it’s possible to decide the focal lenght and to easily realize Bokeh effect.

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T is available in two colours

About the storage space, this smartphone has 128 GB of memory, while the battery has 3.800 mAh. On the OnePlus 7T there are then the speakers equipped with 3D improvement of the Dolby Atmos, which is perfect to watch movies or to enjoy the sound effects of the videogames.

Right about the videogames let’s talk about the 6.55 inches display with an upgrade frequence of 90 Hz and a brightness of 1000 nit. It’s perfect so to see fluid and clear images, it has even a great contrast, thanks to the HDR10+ that allows to get deaper blacks and brighter whites.

About the safety this new smartphone has the fingerprint reader under the screen, so it’s easier to lock the phone.

Furthermore OnePlus 7T proposes then an improved battery, infact it’s possible to charge it while we are playing or watching a movie efficiently. Therefore in only half hour it’s able to charge the battery up to the 70%., which is enough to support the work of a day.

The performances

The clean design and the strong materials are surely an interesting aspect of this smartphone. But the strong suit is surely the operating system Oxigen, a personalisation of Android realized by OnePlus, which is essential and functional.

OnePlus 7T
Comparing OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 7T, we can notice the frontal camera

A sore point is the size: with a weight of 190 grams on a case of about 161x74x8 mm it surely results a hard smartphone to manage with only one hand. Therefore the internal memory cannot be expanded and, today it’s a defect considering the massive upgrades that every app regulary do. Another thing to notice is that there isn’t the Jack audio, OnePlus is focusing on the wireless pods, its Bullets are a great product, but they aren’t yet the top. Some rumors believes that OnePlus is maybe preparing itself to review and to improve them.

Generally OnePlus 7T is a great product, especially if we think to the price to which it’s been sold, which is 599 €. But if it isn’t enough the 10 october it’s been presented even the version Pro with a storage memory that arrives to 256 GB and a retractable frontal camera which comes out only if we need.

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