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Smartphone: the perfect camera

The camera of the iPhone 11

Since when the smartphones were born the choice of the phone was mostly focused on the capacity of run many applications and on the possibility to make amazing pictures. Since when calling take second place, the companies mainly focused on the performances. Especially the user now deaply studies all the models looking for the perfect camera. About them, then, we passed from one to two (the frontal one), and now even to three or four, to realise ever more detailed shots, which bright even during the night and great videos.

Does the smartphone with the perfect camera exist?

The models Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and (even larger) 10+ have the panoramic screen, thanks to the notch Infinity-O which doesn’t invade the screen by taking the only space of the front camera. With a storage memory of 256 Gb (in the basic version, but expandable in the 10+) there is space for all of your pictures and apps. But let’s talk about the camera, the model has three sensors: one of 16 megapixel ultra-wide, and two of 12 megapixel for opening and optical stabilisation. On the model 10+ there is then the DepthVision camera to record the informations about the depth of the scena. Even the frontal camera is no joke with 10 megapixel available for the selfies.

The perfect camera
The cameras of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ are three

Let’s talk then about the so waited iPhone 11 that according to Tim Cook outmatches the previous models: great results so even in conditions of lack of brightness thanks to the diaphragm f/2,4. Two cameras of 12 megapixel, of which one is the wide-angles lens (with a viewing angle of 120°) for the models Pro and Pro Max, in this one then there is even a third camera which works as a tele photo lens.

There is even the possibility so to make videos in 4K at 60fps, therefore it’s possible even to use effects like the slo-motion, the time-laps and the Cinematic video stabilization. Furthermore, while we record, we can easily pass between a camera to another to change the filming angle. About the back camera, instead: the TrueDepth has 12 megapixel and a larger viewing angle, it’s perfect for the group selfies.

The camera Huwei mate 30 pro
The cameras of Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Always in the high range there is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Four sensors on the back with a double optica of 40+40 Megapixel with incredible performances about the videos thanks to the lens Leica.

The smartphones of lower range

If we go a little lower with the price here you have the three opticals of the OnePlus 7T. The main camera has 48 Megapixel, followed by a tele photo lens of 8 Megapixel and a wide angles lens of 16 Megapixel with an opening of 120°.

We are waiting then for the arrival of the new born in Google: Pixel 4. Which will be equipped with a main camera of 12 megapixel and a tele photo lens of 16  megapixel, the frontal camera instead will have 8 megapixel with face ID. But for Pixel we will have to wait some more weeks.

La fotocamera Xiaiomi
The cameras proposed by Xiaiomi for the Mi 9T Pro

There is then the family of the Xiaomi that in the high range of its models, specifically in the model Mi 9T Pro, has a camera with 48 Megapixel (which will have soon to pass to 64) wide angle lens, a secondary sensor ultra-wide (125°), tele photo lens with zoom 2x. Great performances during the day time, while when the light goes down we start to feel a little bit to noise. But the performances are anyway interesting.

The cameras of the Motorola One Zoom

Motorola tries to realize the perfect camera with a low price with the One Zoom. The cameras are four, the main one has 48 megapixel, there are then the wide angles lens, zoom and sensor of depth. By keeping the price low motorola is surely able to be really competitive.

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