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Another Life: the serie Netflix which made all talk about itself

The poster of Another Life

The new science fiction Netflix serie is Another Life and it tells about the commander Niko and her crew while they go through the space with the spaceship Save, looking for the aliens. This serie which has good intentions made all talk about itself especially negativelly.

Another Life

Everything starts when a mysterious crystal artefact has been discovered on the Earth, a team of astronauts has been sent so in the space toward the Canis Major constellation. The mission has the purpose to look for answers about the activities of extraterrestrial populations which realized the artefact.

To risk the mission it seems especially the many fights between the crew, and the commander Niko will be replaced by Ian, the faithful previous captain of the spaceship. On the Earth even Niko’s husband, Justin Chatwin, is investigating on the artefact.

The main topic is so the first contact with a possible alien life. By remembering something about other recent series like Arrival, Epoch and Nightflyers (which is produced by Netflix too).

Another Life
The commander Niko Breckinridge played by Katee Sackhoff

The protagonist of Another Life is the grumpy commander, apparently not interested to make the mission to save the earth from a potential alien attack. Katee Sackhoff plays Niko Breckinridge, the actress was even the hero of the historical serie Battlestar Galactica. Sackhoff wore the shoes of Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, one of the femine characters of a serie which surely left its mark.

The bad reviews to the serie

Until here the premises are good, we have all the elements for a great shi-fi serie. But the result isn’t able to support the expectations starting from a too much agitated story. For example in the initial tale of the story it seems that they are in a hurry to arrive on the spaceship. We wonder so if it wasn’t better to start from there and then use the flashback’s method to explain some of the passages.

Another fail are the characters, which are too many and they are all potentially important, but never detailed, it is so really hard to get passionated by them because we don’t know their story and they behaviour. The character which most leaves us confused is William: the artificial intelligence that drives the ship. Until here nothing new you will think, but William unlike its predecessors was born with feelings and wishes. We wonder so why, what will be the extra of having an emotional and willing AI on a spaceship? We don’t know, we will just know that it is another character to manage which creates chaos in the space peace.

Another Life
The large crew of the spaceship Save of Another Life

By looking carefully the special effects we can easily understand that the budget of this project was really reduced. We dind’t miss even moments where the scenography is a little bit empthy and it isn’t able to support the science-fiction topic. It isn’t enough so to mention some science fiction words (like the cold sleep, or the artificial intelligence) to let the viewer jump into this world.

The strong point

Another Life, though, is incredibly able to keep the viewer stuck in front of the screen. This thanks to the cliffhanger placed at the end of every episode. The cliffhanger is a plot device where it’s been introduced an astonishing event, which leaves unfinished the story, to encourage all to watch the next episode. Almost all the series have it, for Netflix instead it is a new. Infact usually it doesn’t use it because it uses the binge watching. Which is the habitat of the viewer to watch an episode after the other, for this reason on the platform all the episodes are released simultaneously.

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