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The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds

In this autumn full of new adventures and amazing new videogames the fans of the science-fiction genre and GDR will be able to enjoy another interesting title. The Outer Worlds, which was released the last month, received a substantial appreciation by the reviews.

The secret of Obsidian

Obsidian comes back after some years with a game’s formule proved in the years. In all of its titles, infact, we can find many common topics, and, even if many might don’t like this repetitiveness, the secret formule of the videogames producer works really well.

The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds follows, so, the same trend that Obsidian proposes to us since a while, a science-fiction genre and an action role playing videogame in first person.

Many thinks that The Outer Worlds is the sequel of another of the titles with the secrete formule of the producer, Fallout: New Vegas.

The story of The Outer Worlds

We wear the shoes of a survivor of a drifting spaceship, Hope. We were travelling toward the colony of Alcione, but our trip, apparently, lasted longer than we expected, seventy years instead of ten. We are so abruptly awakened from the hibernation by Phineas, a spacial criminal, which sends us on a planet of the colony.

The Outer Worlds
The universe of The Outer Worlds

The questions to which we have to give an answer are too many. Why was the ship hope abandoned? And why did no one come to look for the survivors? What does Phineas want from us? And what happened in these seventy years?

The colony of Alcione, is governed by a multinational conglomerate, that here settled to use the local resources, and it’s now divided into factions. Those were born on the many planets of the colony and all of them are somehow conflicted with the Council.

The creation of the figure

Before to start to play we must create our figure, which can be personalized according to the gender, the aspect, the body, the mind and the personality. All of those characteristics will affect our skills.

About the skills, they are divided in groups of two or three and they have a value from 0 to 100. There is, for example, the group “distance”, that includes the skills Guns, Long Firearms and Heavy Weapons, or the group “Invisibility”, that includes stealth, hacking and burglarizing.

All of it will create our really personal character, but don’t worry, during the game we can have some small reconsideration and change some of our skills.

The Outer Worlds: the game

We can now finally enter in the heart of the game. We are in an universe divided in territories that can be visited individually. It isn’t so an Open World, but this game structure perfectly suits with the story. We will be, infact, on planets completelly different between each other, massive spaceships, satellites, secret bases, etc.

The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

We start, so, from the first territory where we will be thrown: a town on the planet Terrarum 2, of the colony of Alcione. Here we will learn the dunamics of the game, before to jump headlong into the meanders of the universe, and we will start to know the policy and social situation of the colony.

During the game we will have to do some choices. At the beginning these choices will be clear and rude. But while we will slowly move into the universe we will find out that it isn’t all black or white, but there are thousand of different shadows. And what seems to be born as a critics to the capitalist system becomes much more softned over the time.

Gameplay and battles

Outside the story The Outer Worlds can appear in different ways, substantially we choose at which game we are playing. We can decide to jump in the ring by living a shooter in first person. Or choose for something softer, by using the skills stealth or by talking with a character, until to convince him to act in a specific way.

The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds can appear as a shooter in first person

Anyway, often, the usage of the force is inevitable, so, even though we prefer a less fighting approace, we will be almost always forced to shot. Right for this reason we have many available weapons, as well as for the amors.

Even the number of the enemies is important. We will have to fight against marauders, crazy robots and local wildlife.

Some times the maps that we will explore will seem too small, but the attention is focused on the utopian and grotesque description of the Colony of Alcione.

Even though the ones that seem to be small flaws in the playability and in the story, The Outer Worlds was enjoyed, thanks to the fact that it’s extremely re-playable.

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