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Users Snapchat are growing defeating the predictions


Snapchat is an app for smartphone and tablet launched in the 2011 by three students of the University of Stanford. The users Snapchat really grown since the first year. The users in the 2012 shared 20.000.000 pictures and in the 2016 the app reached 400 millions of images sent.

At the beginning it was possible to send only pictures and videos of 10 seconds which weren’t visible anymore later. But in the October of the 2013 were introduced the Stories: images and videos that is possible to share for 24 hours before that they will disappear. This function was adopted even by Facebook and Instagram, as well as for other social platforms.

The idea was born as an answer to the stress caused by the permanence of the web’s contents. Infact even if we eliminate a tag from a picture on Facebook, for example, the image will be there and it will be easily visible by the other users in the future.

The ephemeral aspect of Snapchat is right what characterized it, but not only: the app is the perfect way to be ourselves without shame. If Instagram collects perfect images, where we are at our best, on Snapchat is possible to share weird and unreal images, not only what is beautiful and perfect.

Utenti Snapchat
The Snapchat users are mainly between the age of 18-25

Infact the other peculiarity of the app, besides to the short time of the shared media, is the possibility to use specific filters. Those filters are elements realized with the technic of the augmented realoty, by allowing the Snapchat users to create selfies with strange hats, mustaches or animals’ ears.

Who are the Snapchat users

We might think that this childish function can attract only childs and teenagers. But we are wrong, if at the beginning (as well as for many socials) to get close to them were only the youngest ones, now the users are mainly between the 18 and the 25 years. They are young yes, but not so much.

And as well as for any social it is possible to met even many famous users, from singers to actors, everyone have fun by sharing images with cat’s ears. But let’s see who can we find on Snapchat: Selena Gomez (selenagomez), Rihanna (rihanna), Ed Sheeran (teddysdaytoday), Eva Longoria (realevalongoria), Nick Jonas (jicknonas). On the app is possible to find even Lady Gaga (ladygaga), Chiara Ferragni (chiaraferragni) and Fabio Rovazzi (rovazzi) just to mention some of them.

The Wall Street’s datas

Snap, the company which own the app Snapchat, arrives to earn more than the 11% in the last trimester. The period April-June sees the company with leakages dropping to the 255 million of dollars compared with the 353 millions of the same period of the 2018.

But especially there were a record increase of the users of Snapchat: they increased of the 7% which means 203 millions, against a prediction of 192 millions. The company, then, provides a further increase for the third trimester of at least 205 million of users, with incomes that goes from the 410 to the 435 million of dollars.

Snapchat Users
The app Snapchat had an unexpected increase of users

Snap seems so have passed the dark period which saw the runaway of users after the introduction of the new design.

The design of the app

The 2017 was an year during which the app tried many ways to catch more users, by realizing even a new graphic for the app. This should conquered more users especially in the average of 30-50 years. But it didn’t work, infact it caused an incredible turnaround of the Snapchat’s users in the first trimester of the 2018. Snap earned only 4 million of users, less than half compared with the previous year.

It was made so turn around, by coming back to many elements of the old version. This sudden drop led the investors think that the idea of the app wasn’t solid, by predicting further drops of usage. Instead Snapchat resists and it seems that often we could see new graphics, always looking for a public income.

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