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Snow: the new app that makes the teenagers crazy


All know that the technological trends often find their initial spread in the asian marketplace: it’s there, infact, that it always shows an higher predispositions to the news introduced by the producers, often local.

A new app from the east

This is even the case of Snow: the new app that conquered thousands teenagers in the asian marketplace.

To a first look it seems to be a clone of Snapchat: a selfie camera app that doesn’t seem really innovative. According to someone, though, it is the future’s platform.
Snow is an app owned by a corean company, Naver, just financied with 50 milion dollars.

Naver Corporation is the same company owner of one of the historical search engine of the country: it is been evaluaded more than 25 bilion dollars and it controlls the very used chat Line.

Line is the app that has around 170 milions of actived users per month in the four principal marketplace where it focused itself after an international campaign: Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.


It isn’t so a small project born by nothing, but a well created start up, with on its back the corean giant Naver, ready to nominate itself on the top of the socials.

An app riches of effects

Facial recognising, gifs’ creation, pictures and videos implemented with many filters and stickers. They are the elements which are more popular between the socials that interest the youngers, and it is here that the app is focusing.

During the summer’s months of 2016 even Facebook tryed to buy Snow, but it failed on it.

Between the available functions, that go around the facial recognising, there is the opportunity to make gifts, pictures or playing videos improved with filters and stickers that include even masks, that compared with the rivals, are infinity. There are even augmented reality’s solutions, to add animals, characters or funny puppies that move themselves or dance inside the clips. Snow

The Snow’s plus, compared with the other apps of this kind, it’s the fact that the design and the interface are really clean, allowing an easier usage for the users, instead of the other likely apps. Carefully surfing throught the settings, we discover many controls to able or not the localization’s informations, optimaze the stickers’ memorizing and connect other accounts.

Snow gives to its users the Boomerang effect which gives the possibility to play a video without hands. Like it happens with Musical.ly, therefore, Snow allows to play a video while we are singing or we ar doing lip-sync, choosing between a specific songs’ library. The usage’s experience is funny, devoits of useless frills, but at the same time, really riches of effects.

The created contents could be shared throught other apps, like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and other similar channels.

The purposesSnow

As the time goes by Snow tryed to avoid the analogy that everyone sees with Snapchat: with the last upgrade it deletes the messenger’s service and it focused on the camera’s functions.

What’s the plans for the next future of Snow? Using the 50 milion dollars of the investments made by Softbank and China Sequoia with the purpose to develope the augmented reality’s effects and the facial recognising‘s usage.

The company’s purpose, therefore, is the one to allow the introduction of the app in new marketplaces, more wests. The starting’s point is massive: Snow has 200 milions users between IOS and Android, even if the monthly active ones should be around 50 milions. Even if it doesn’t exist any number or official declaration about it, the most important marketplace seems to be the chinese one.

The company’s developed plan, infact, wants to create a headoffice in the country and to make partnership with the local companies. Then, besides Snow, even the camera’s apps Foodie and B612 (both owned by the corean company) should be launched in the country like autonomous products.

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