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The Web Marketing Festival in Rimini is coming back

Web Marketing Festival

The biggest festival of digital and social innovation comes back in Rimini the 20, 21 and 22 June 2019, it’s the Web Marketing Festival.

The one of this year is the seventh edition. Seven years during which the festival became a window for the digital innovation in Italy, directed to companies, students, professionals and institutions. This year there will be 70 events which will take place during the three days of the fair, by speaking about open innovation, robotic, social media, artificial intelligence, start up, climate changes, digital professions, etc.

For the edition of this year are expected about 500 speakers and up to 12.000 partecipants.

The web marketing

The Festival is focused on the web marketing, but what’s the web marketing? It’s the online marketing, an essential sector for every kind of company. Marketing’s strategies, informatic instruments, digital channels and social networks, all of it can’t be missed inside a society. By the way it isn’t easy to keep up with the innovation. This is continuosly evolving and who works in that sector needs continuing upgrades.

Web Marketing Festival
Festival of digital innovation

Right for this reason it was born the Festival in Rimini, this year meanly focused on the digital innovation and the marketing digital.

The festival, that will count up to 12.000 partecipants is open to start up and companies, freelance and employees, marketing directors and CEOs, students, blogger or just passionated, but even to journalists and no profit organisations. In general everyone can spend three days in the fair, by trying to better know as much as possible about the digital innovation.

The Web Marketing Festival 2019

What to expect from the sixth edition of the Web Marketing Festival in Rimini? Up to 70 events, 55 formative rooms, more than 500 speakers and as many exhibitors, with up to 600 start up and 40 talk show. Much more compared to the previous editions, so much so that they had to increase the event with an extra day, instead of two days, like the other editions, the fair will take place in three days.

Web Marketing Festival
Web Marketing Festival

Between the topics there will be the social networks, especially Facebook, the digital journalism, the cryptocurrency, the digital food, the Big Data, the augmented reality and the virtual reality, the artificial intelligence, etc.

Special initiatives

Therefore, during the three days of the Festival, are planned some special initiatives:

  • Startup competition: one wants to promote the innovative ideas in the digital field, by giving the possibility to the partecipants to give visibility to his own project and to present it to investors, companies and start up incubators.
  • Digital Job Placement: in the festival there is the opportunity to find recruitments for the digital professions, by allowing the meeting between the companies and the professionists.
  • Call for Speakers: it’s the call made to who has something to say. Speeches which their only purpose is the formative one.
  • Call for Moderatore: this time it’s about to help the organizers inside the rooms given to the festival.
  • Call for Workshop: the workshops are the heart of the fair. The companies have the possibility to show the “how it’s made” which is hidden behind every innovation.
  • Call for Mainstage: the mainstage proposed to the festival are the occasion to find out which are the innovations waiting for us in the future. In the past editions to speak were big corporations, like Facebook or Google.
  • Call for Show: finally, the event is followed by music and shows.

Even this year are waited many stands and speakers to the Web Marketing Festival, which are ready to show to all the professionists of the sector or to simple passionated the really last innovations in digital field.

Like always it will be an occasion to learn for many and a small window on the future that is waiting for us right behind the corner.

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