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Why Telegram is better than WhatsApp


Telegram and WhatsApp are two applications of instant messaging. Both of them are chats fully free, where to write and share audio file, video file and so on. If they have the same purpose, why many people prefere one to the other? What makes them different?

Telegram VS WhatsApp

TelegramThe purpose of the two applications is the same one, the difference between them is the concept’s mode. Telegram is a really complete instrument and the essential thing is that it offers a different service because it is an open source application customizable thanks to the API. Online we can find out links that suggest “The 10 better groups Telegram“, “Top Ten Telegram channels” or even “8 Bots of Telegram that semplify your life“. This suggests how much it is innovative and how much it is far away from the unilateral definition of messaging’s applications.

What Telegram is offering more 

Let’s have a look on the differences between the two guru systems of messaging: what Telegram is offering more:

No more useless numbers in rubric

For chatting through Telegram, we don’t need to save the telephone number of the person to who we have to write. In the registration’s phase it is requested to the user to put a nickname through which the other users can, just looking for it on the app, keep in contact with him. This obviusly seems usefull in the case we have to talk with one person instantaneously and just once.


Like we already said, in the registration’s phase it is request, besides the telephone number, even our nickname through which the other users can interact. This means more privacy: Telegram doesn’t show your phone’s number to the other users, unless they don’t have it already in their rubric.


Secrete Chat

With Telegram we can set up a self-destruction timer about some chats, called “secrete chats“. After a period of time established by the user all the messages about the chosen chat will be definitelly destroied.

Usage of the cloud system

Telegram is a messaging’s service focused on the cloud which is a storage’s space placed “outside” our own device: in other words it doesn’t allow to occupy the memory of our own device. This means that, everything we will receive on the application, this will be saved both on our device but even on our cloud.

No sharing’s limits

Telegram allows a chat with ourselves, usefull to manage personal files by saving them and transfer them on different devices. The application furthermore allows to share files with the size of 1GB and this means in other words, that the smaller files will be sent quickly.

The aspects that makes the App personal

Bot designer. The application allows to create the super-personal Bots. But what are the Bots? The Bots are some programs created by the user to answer to specific situations. For example, we can create a Bot able to answer the Country of the capital wrote in the message that the Bot received. 

More devices. Telegram can be used on more devices at the same time, without any conflict.

Hierarchy and extension of the groups. The groups can be much bigger and they include: moderators, administrators and simple users. Those figures have different roles and they manage the group together, this prevents that should be only one person to manage all the administration. The interesting thing, therefore, is that there are groups about every topic (journeys, sport, fashion, electronic cigarette, online shops’ offerts, movies and so on). There are many different groups where you can met thousands of people at the same time, linked by the same interest.

Your stickers. It is possible to create our own personal album of stickers and share it just sending one of our sticker to the chosen user that could see the whole album just clicking on it.

Create a channel on a messaging’s app. Telegram allows to open our own channel on the platform where to write every kind of information or personal observation.

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