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Voice messages speeded up on Whatsapp

Voice messages speed up on Whatsapp

Do you know that friend (all of us has one) that instead to call you he sends you a voice message of 10 minutes? Do you know that unpleasant feeling to must listen all the message, maybe in the middle of other people, focused and in silence. That then, maybe, the most important part of the message was right in the last 10 seconds. Well, let’s forget about it. Whatsapp, finally, proposed the voice messages speeded up. Let’s discover together what they are.

“I’ll send you a voice message of 10 minutes”

“Ti mando un vocale di 10 minuti, soltanto per dirti quanto sono felice” (I’ll send you a voice message of 10 minutes, only to tell you how happy I’m) – The Giornalisti

Maybe now, though, to be happy it will be even who will receive the message, that, instead, to listen 10 minutes of messages, he will be able to listel all the message, but faster.

The voice message were a real revolution in the messaging world. They were loved by many, but hated by others. They were born to “help” the user to explain better and faster, without need to write.

“And so why not to call”, many think. But even though the bas reviews it’s ineluctable: the voice messages were one of the most revolutionary new of the colossus of the instant messaging.

How do the voice messages work

Maybe Whatsapp made a mistake while creating the voice messages. Infact, it didn’t set a maximum limited time. So, if the users want, they might send messages of hours!

Too long voice messages
The problem is that there isn’t a maximum limit of time for the voice messages

At the beginning though it was hard and unconfortable to send long voice messages. To send a voice message, infact, we needed to keep pushed the icone of the microphone, and then start to talk. Once left the icone the message were sent.

Keep the finger pushed on the button for 10 minutes might be “exhausting”, but Whatsapp helped the users with a new function.

With an upgrade, infact, it was then possible to scroll the finger to the top so to “lock” the icone and to take out the finger while we were recording. Once finished to talk we can push send and easily send our voice message.

This upgrade was the joy of the long-winded and the bad of their friends.

Faster voice messages on Whatsapp

Luckly, at the end, Whatsapp came to help even them, the friends of the long-winded.

Messaggi vocali velocizzati
Whatsapp upgraded its app, by adding the function to speed up the voice messages

After many tests,  lasted for months, with the version Beta, finally the function to speed up the voice messages on Whatsapp arrived for all the users iOS and Android.

The function was automatically made available for all the users that upgraded the application. Its functioning is very easy: once started to listen the audio, on the right of the message will appear a button to speed up the message.

The voice messages can be speeded up of 1,5x and 2x, basically, arriving to cut in half the listening time. The normal speed is indicated with 1x.


The competitors and the doubts

The one that seems a big new of Whatsapp, though, already exists for a while on one of the main competitors. The first one to try the fast voice messages, infact, it was Telegram, that in the 2018 added the function with a speed of 2x.

The function to speed up the voice message, anyway, makes many doubts. Many times, infact, it’s hard, or even impossible, to understand a message with the double of the speed.

And what when someone already talks so fast? And it’s already hard to understand it at 1x speed?

The doubt was made by the users of Telegram that are asking to help the users with this problem too. They might decide, infact, to reduce the speed of the voice message, to be finally able to understant that friend that talks too fast.

Does Whatsapp want to fight the competitor by adding the opposite function first?


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