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June 2018

E3 2018: the best titles

In occasion of the E3 2018 are been presented many interesting titles. Like every year the Los Angeles' expo never disappoints us and it opens scenarios on new games that promise to donate many emotions. This year we have to say that are…

Cashback World: how does it work?

Lyoness Cashback World is a company founded in the 2003 by Hubert Freidl, which gives to the members a return of money for their purchases. At the beginning the initiative counted only four contries, but today it is present in 47 contries,…

The human will come back on the Moon

The NASA wants to come back on the Moon. It is now official, after 50 years the human will come back one more time on his natural satellite. The first missions will start the next year, in the 2019, but the crew will be composed by only…

What is Staramba?

“Staramba is a virtual world with all the best parts of the real world”. The countdown started, in less than one week, the 20th of June, the Staramba's ecosystem, the first world in virtual reality, opens its doors to the audience.