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Technology under the parasol: suggestions for the use

With the arrival of the summer the usage of the technology seems always less easy and functional because our devices tend to easily overheat. Furthermore if we have the luck to have some days to take the rest it is good to literally avoiding the excessive use of our devices.
Let’s see how to manage and rightly use the technology under the parasol.

Less usage, more rest

We know that really often it is easier to say than to do it but it is good to use our devices as less as possible, especially during the summer months. The thing is that, at least during the not working hours or anyway when we don’t have a direct contact with our smartphones and others, there are many factors that can force us to bring them again.
For example an email or a Facebook notifications are elements that instinctively bring us to take the mobile phone to check.

For this reason we need to avoid, to enjoy at least in the summer some days without thoughts and stress, to constantly stay with the eyes stuck on the screen. The best way to practice all of this is to literally switch off the internet connection or to set, in the break’s hours, our own smartphone so that none can disturb us.
This kind of modus operandi can become really useful because it allows to totally leave the working’s problems where they should stay.

Pictures and memories

Another nerve when we talk about technology under the parasol is the one about the pictures and in general about the memories. Nowadays unfortunately the general trend is the one to take pictures every times we do, see or heard something, with the only purpose to share it with our own “friends” on the socials.
The general feeling is the one to can’t fully enjoy something if we don’t share it on internet and, so, without show it basically to everyone.
This is something to absolutely avoid! While we are at the sea, at the lake, in mountain or everywhere else in holiday we need to think only to relax and enjoy.

To do it the suggestion is the one to leave the smartphone at home or in the bag (if we can do it) so to fully enjoy what we are living in that moment.
Obviously some pictures sometimes don’t hurt but this condition doesn’t have to become a disease with digital album filled with hundreds pictures.

In every case if we aren’t able to don’t use the smartphone here you have some useful suggestions for our devices.

Useful suggestions

if we aren’t able to not use the technology under the parasol it is good to follow some suggestions that allow to efficiently protect our devices. Firstly we need to get some special covers that allow to 100% protect them. This especially if we go to the sea or in places where there is water it can be a great way to preserve the safety of our smartphone.

Even if it can seem banal it is essential to set the tracking’s services for our mobile phone so that in case of theft it will be easy to find it again. During the summer unfortunately there are many thefts and avoid this kind of situations it is really important.
Finally we never have to forget to bring with us a Power Bank which can be really useful in case the battery will get low and we risk to remain without the telephone.
Naturally if we want to take some rest this could be more a bonus that a malus but, like for everything, it depends only from the points of view.

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