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Cashback World: how does it work?

Lyoness Cashback World is a company founded in the 2003 by Hubert Freidl, which gives to the members a return of money for their purchases. At the beginning the initiative counted only four contries, but today it is present in 47 contries, with up to 10 million of users. With the Cashback World’s system both sides take advantages: the buyers receive money back from their purchases and the companies obtain approved customers. At the moment Cashback World counts more then 90.000 companies and 6.000 onlineshops.

How to register ourselves on Cashback World

Cashback World

Let’s see how Cashback World works in few easy steps. Firstly we have to register ourselves. The registration in completely free and it is possible do it in two ways. The first one is the online registration, through the completion of the form that we find on the web site or after the suggest of a friend. Once filled the form and confirmed the inscription through a link that arrive us with a verification e-mail, Cashback World gives us three shopping points and we can start to use the advantages that it gives us. Another way to join the Cashback World is the one to physically go in a Cashback Shop where receive the Cashback Card. To find a Cashback Shop near us we can easily check the research’s function on the web site (or on the app). Once find out the approved Shop we can make the registration straight in the shop, receive the Card and start to use the advantages. We can, therefore, make both the registrations, asking for the Card even after the online registration, or viceversa.

Buying’s modes

Once made the registration and joined the Cashback World we can start our shopping. Even in this case there are two modes: the Cashback Card, which can be used in the approved shops, that we can find checking the list of the shops near us on the website, or the online shopping. In both cases we collect Cashback and Shopping points. The Cashback is a real return of money, up to the 5% of the amount spent. The refund is accredited on our bank account, collecting up to 10€, after that the amount will be accredited to us through credit transfer. The shopping points, instead, are some points that we collect at every purchase, especially with the special offerts, that we will find surfing in the Cashback World, with which we can have more discounts and promotions. With the shopping points we can collect even the deals which will become shopping points and cashback. Like we said the approved companies are up to 90.000 so we can basically use the cashback for almost every kinf of purchase: clothes, books, elctronic, restaurants, cars, journeys, etc.

The Cashback World App

Cashback World

Obviusly could not miss the app Cashback World for smartphones. In this way we can use the advantages of Cashback World everywhere we are. We can check the list of the approved shops near us and organize our shopping. In the application we will always have a digital cashback card, to show at the approved shop till where we made our purchases, instead of the paper one. The advantages to always have the Cashback portal on our smartphone are many, besides the ones that we already mentioned. We can, infact, find an approved restaurant, besides than a shop, check the offerts and choose the one best suited to our needs. We can even use the Cashback World in holiday, everywhere in the world, we can just open the app and see what the area where we are has to offer.

The friendship bonus

Besides the purchases another way to collect the Cashback World’s advantages is with the friendship bouns. Collect them is really easy: we just have to open a “tell a friend” form and send the invite to our friends. Even in this case besides the digital version we can use even the paper version, thanks to the Cashback World Flyer. We can give the Flyer to our friend, let him fill it and send it to our national office and, once finished the registration, we can use the friendship bonus. The friendship bonus provide a return of the 0,5% of the amount of the purchases of our friends, as direct friendship bonus. If our friends become sponsor too, suggesting Cashback World to new members, we will receive the 0,5% even from their purchases, as indirect friendship bonus. We will continue to collect the friendship bonus forever, every time that our friends, or the friends of our friends, will buy through the cashback system. The list of the friends and the bonus that they are  letting us collect is available on our profile on the web site or straight on the app.

The Cashback World’s advantages

Cashback WorldLike we already said the advantages are many. Reason why Lyoness is now in 47 countries, between who there is Italy too, and it counts many important and famous partners at national and international level, Moto GP, Fastweb, Inter, Roma, eBay are some of them. With few easy steps we can use the advantages of the direct cashback of the shopping points, of the deals, the friendship bonus and many other discounts and offerts that we will find on the portal, everything without change nothing of our uses, because, with up to 90.000 approved companies, we hardly won’t find what best suit with our needs.

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