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10 ideas for a technological house with zero carbon footprint, or almost

The keyword nowadays is ecological, but how can we combine the technology with the ecology? Here you have ten ideas for a technological house with zero carbon footprint, or almost.

Solar panels
casa tecnologica

Obviusly in ahouse with almost zero carbon footprint we can’t miss the solar panels, for the production of the alternative energy. There are different kinds of panels: the one that produces electric energy for the house and the one that provides the heating and warm water.

Radiating panels

An alternative idea to warm the home environment is the one to install some radiating panels under the floor. The panels don’t take up space and don’t make fumes, but equally provide the heating of the house with consumption significantly reduced.

Smart thermostat
casa tecnologica

Nowadays there are many different kinds of, in general the thing that a smart thermostat do it is to take the temperature of the house and to consequently adjust the heating, but not only this, it remembers the changes that we do to it and it understands if we are at home or not. It switches on the heating when we come back home and it switches it off when we go out, so to avoid unnecessary wastages. It keeps in its mind the week’s days, knowing so that the house must be warmer on Sunday than during the working days. The thermostat, therefore, is easily remotly manageable, all the times that something changes in our routine.

Smart fridge

The smart fridge, isn’t only remotly manageable, but it even has insider cameras, which allow us to know what’s inside, without open it. This not only allows us to know if something is missing even if we are far away, but avoiding to open the door, substantially is even the energy saving.

Conserve power Energycasa tecnologica

All of us know that leaving the devices plugged in even while they are switched off, implies an energy’s waste, even if it isn’t a lot. Conserve power Energy is a small device, apparently like every adapter, which allows us to easily avoid the problem.

Chandellier with solar light

During the day we know, the rightest thing to do for breaking down the costs and the consumptions, it is to better use the solar light. But sometime the home environment is wrong placed and it forces us to switch on the lights even during the hours of daylight. The chandellier with solar light is apparently a simple skylight, but inside it has a tunnel that goes until the roof and, thanks to some glasses’ games, it brings the solar light until the darkest corners of the house.

Smart lights

Maybe the chandellier with solar light could be a solution too much complicated and, infact, it is usually most used in the work environments than in the home ones. Fortunately, about the lighting the technology improves itself every day, nowadays the lights consumption is very low. Anyway, if the low consumptions aren’t enough, we can lighting the house with smart lights, remotly manageable, very useful if we forget to switch off some light and we don’t want to come back.

Water’s filtering system

The water is a precious thing, the most important for the life on the Earth, but it isn’t obviuos for everyone. It is for this reason that we all have to keep care of it, a good way to avoid unnecessary water’s wastages it is the filtering of it. With the installation of some filtering’s systems, infact, it is possible to purify the water of the shower or of the sinks and reuse it in something else, like toilet flush or irrigation.

Checkup and recycling of the aircasa tecnologica

One of the biggest waste during the winter it happens at the moment that we open the windows to let the air change and then we switch all on the heating to rewarm the home environment. There are some air’s extractors, like Snap from Elica, which not only checks the temperature and the humidity inside the house, but it even leaves the air floating without open the windows. Next to Snap we could set up Tecnovair, which checks the quality of the air, it is able to find up to 24 different sources of pollution (electromagnetics, gases, fumes, particulate matters, etc).

The app that helps us to recycling

Even if, nowadays, everyone should be able to recycling, sometimes it is still an hard job to manage. All the times we ask ourselves “Where do I throw away this? Paper? Plastic?”, fortunately, someone thought about a valid helper, we just need few minutes to check in the garbages’ dictionary, downloadable on our own smartphone or directly accessible on the website www.dizionariodeirifiuti.it.

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