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Free useful apps for your daily life

Inside your app stores there are many free useful apps for the developing of your daily life. Today we’ll see some of them together. Free apps that will help you to organize your day.

Free useful apps for heavy sleepers

All of us already have in the smartphone the function alarm clock. All of us already use it for the wake up calling, and to remember us to do the important things planned for the day.

But specifically for the wake up calling, unfortunatelly some of us are heavy sleepers and they aren’t able to wake up not even if the clock continuosly rings. Some of us silent it and wait that it sounds again. Other instead set more than an alarm clock to be able to go out from the bed and start the day.

AMdroid, the alarm clock that gets you out of bed

Between the free useful apps that we suggest you today there is “AMdroid Sveglia”. An innovative alarm clock, a free application for all the ones that are heavy sleepers which is rich of functions. It is a smart, customizable, app, that can improve your morning routine, and that it won’t let you wake up late anymore.

useful app amdroid alarm
AMdroid is a smart alarm clock thought for heavy sleepers

What does it do? When you set the alarm it asks you which kind of sleep do you have and if your answer is “heavy sleep” so automatically it sets a pre alarm dedicated that automatically switch off before of the main alarm. This pre alarm has a lower volume and the vibration off. This will help your brain to understand that soon the real alarm will ring.

But there is something more. If you are afraid that the pre alarm isn’t enough, you can set it so that the function “snooze” won’t start automatically when you go to switch off the alarm. To switch it off you will be forced to take the phone and to activate it, to enter in the app and to switch off the alarm. It can be a little be traumatic but it is surely useful.

It is one of the free useful apps that we chosen for the function “Geo-lacated alarms”, which means alarms that activate and disable only in specific areas. An example? If you are away for work or you aren’t at home the whole night your morning routine will be different than usual, for this AMdroid automatically disable the profile “normal alarm” which will be linked to the place “Home”.

Free useful apps to do shopping

Let’s say that you are always in a rush and to do shopping became impossible. For someone go to the supermarket is a real challenge. Well, with this app that we are going to suggest you you will be able to be focused on the topics and to stay less time inside the supermarket.

Between the free useful apps for your daily life there is surely “Bring!”. It’s free both for iOS and Android, this app semplifies the grocery because you will be able to share your lists with the other family members. No more excuses: you won’t forget anymore that thing that your son asked you to buy or if you didn’t talk with your partner about what was missed in the fridge, with this mode everyone will be able to modify the lists in any moment.

useful app for the shopping
Bring! is the perfect app for who needs help and support for the shopping.

Another interesting thing is the function “Fidelity cards”, where you will be able to insert the cards of the supermarkets and to scan it by the phone at the cash out when you will have to buy.

Bring! will follow you in the shopping step by step, by letting you saving time and money, because it organizes the grocery in sections: you write a first draft and the app collects the foods by sections, so that during the grocery you will quickly fill up the basket.

There is even the section “Social receipts” where you will be able to find interesting ideas to cook something new. You can even share your lists and your receipts with the other users, so to compare the prices and the discounts around you.

Your play store always surprises you

We know it: there is an app for everything, but the choice between the free useful apps often becomes hard right because there are many of them.

Today we wanted to suggest to you two of them that could change your daily life, but on your play store there are many other useful apps to download for free.

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