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The smartphone’s camera will measure the hearthbeat and the breathing

The smartphone's camera will measure the heartbeat and the breathing

The next models of smartphones Android will have a new interesting function. The camera of the smartphone won’t be only used to take pictures, but even to check the heartbeat and the breathing.

The new of the smartphone’s camera that will measure the heartbeat and the breathing

To communicate the new it was Shwetak Patel, director of the Health Technologies of Google Health. The function will arrive very soon. Already the next month, infact, the new smartphone Google Pixel will have this function. But very soon it will arrive even on ther other models Android.

The smartphone's camera will measure the heartbeat and the breathing
Through the application of Google Fit, the smartphone will be able to measure the heartbeat and the breathing with the camera

Million of users will so have access to this function and they will be able to check their vital signs straight from the camera of the smartphone. Do it it will be really easy: it will be enough to download the specific application, Fit, and to follow the instructions.

The validity of this function will be guarantee by specific medical studies that will be published soon.

That’s how the new camera of the smartphone will work

Usually the vital signs are measured through the usage of special wearable devices, like the smartwatch. They use specific sensors that are in touch with the skin straight, so the measurements are much easier to do.

When we talk about the camera, instead, the situation is much more complex. The camera will have to notice the breast movements to measure the breathing. To do it we will have to focus us half-lenght and don’t move for 30 seconds.

It might not seem as much reliable as the wearable devices, but the developers claim that the system has a margin of error of only a breath for minute.

And for the heartbeat?

While, about the heartbeat, we have to put the finger straight on the lens of the camera and to push it. Now what will happen seems science-fiction, however it has a margin of error of only the 2%.

Google Fit
The new functions of Google Fit will be soon available

The app will measure, through the camera, the heartbeat. To do it it will analyze the micro chromatic variations, caused by the passage of the blood, of the fingertip.

By the way this function isn’t a new. It was, infact, already implemented in the models Samsung, from the Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy S10. In the last models of Samsung, though, this function was removed. There are even many downloadable  apps that promise to do this particular medical scan. Anyway not all of them can guarantee an accurancy with a margin of error of only the 2%.

This function was carefully studied and the developers guarantee that the colour of the skin won’t affect the scan. The function is, infact, leaded by a sophisitcated algorythm that doesn’t consider only the blood flow, but even the colour changes of the finger tip, the light, the skin tone, the age. All of it to be as much reliable as possible with any person.

Though, it was right the director Patal to specify and remember that these measurements don’t have to replace a medical visit. “These measurements aren’t medical diagnosis and they don’t consider the medical conditions. They were thought to be useful to the people that use the app Fit to check and to improve their daily wellness”.

Google Fit

Like we said this function is closely connected with the app Google Fit, an application full of useful instruments to keep us healthy, by following the suggests of the World Health Organization.

“Google Fit follows you through a healthier life”.

Google Fit suggests us the purposes to follow, for a healthier life, with many activities to improve our health. They are all activities that stimulate the heartbeay, because “the activities that stimulate the heartbeat give use huge benifits for the heart and the mind health”.

The motto of Google Fit is “anyhow you move, let us count it”. Leave the counts steps, you will discover that even a simple walk has a massive impact on your health.


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