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The robotic guard is arriving

Robotic Guard Titan

Lately, a video that represented the King of the Bahrain followed by a massive robotic guard became viral on the social networks. Is it true or is it a fake? Let’s go to meet Titan

Titan, the british robot

Bahrain is a small kingdom of the persian gulf composed by a islands group. Its name literally means “between two seas” and who knows if this epithet didn’t sign its destiny. 

Watching this video we might think that the missing ring between the man and the machine has been finally found. 

Here you have Titan while closely follows the King of the Bahrain as his robotic guard.  


On the socials this video was followed by these informations:

The King of the Bahrain arrives in Dubai with his robotic body guard. It seems that we are the witnesses of the 4° Industrial Revolution. Titan knows 6 languages and he knwos how to protect the King. Infact it can physically fight, follow and shot. It is armed with an electric teaser, a hidden cameras system with view at 360°. Therefore it has a set of infrared cameras,  3 hidden machine guns with enough bullets to fight 1050 men and a laser machine gun drove by a sniper. It even carries medicines and water. The guard costed about 7,4 million of dollars.

Believe in the Tranformers

The precision of the description and the huge price should be an alarm ring.  

But, maybe because the video takes place in the magical Dubai, where even 7,4 million of dollars are few pennies, didn’t make us suspicious.  

According to the informations, though, we understand that the video was made during the Show about the safety IDEX to the International Financial Center and that the informations contained into the post aren’t all correct. 

A robotic armor with a human heart 

Titan is infact a real masterpiece, but not about a robotic guard. Its real nature is just commercial and surely it’s able to make its mission number 1: catch the attention!

This curious robot already has a carrier in the show business. Infact it partecipated to many public and private events like the Games of the Commonwealth, shows inside british malls, foundraisings and live concerts. 

The british company Cyberstein is on the back of the creation of our beautiful Transformer. The machine is reality a real person that wears a robotic armor. 

Two brains for Titan, the robotic guard

Titan is a small giant 9,4 meters tall. Its ‘suit’ drove by the operator weights about 60 kg. It is moved from the inside and the outside by two different operators.  

Robotic Guard Titan
Robotic Guard Titan

The upper part of Titan is moved through a control panel by an operator inside the body itself.  

An unidirectional window with a transparent glass allows to check all the situation. 

The operator moves the upper part of Titan through a control panel inside the chest and he makes it does something. Movements and sounds are pre-programmed and they are autonomously activated when he does corresponding commands.  

Even the lower part of its body is moved by an operator. The structure on its back is larger compared with the real actor. The purpose is the one to make the movement visibly mechanic. 

The body though can be controlled even by an external operator. Especially when the actor must deal with an unexpected situation. In this case infact is useful that an assistant must be able to take the control of the body from remote. 

Successful experiment 

Even if this robotic guard is only partially mechanic, the experiment was a success. The technology on the back of this robot is very advanced and hopeful. To say the truth, even the King of the Bahrain wasn’t the real one, but to see them together, we can really imagine Titan being part of the team of the Transformers, and it is beautiful to believe to it, for the video lenght.

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