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Virtual travels from the Colosseum to Diagon Alley

Virtual tour from the Coliseum to Diagon Halley

The lockdown didn’t allow us to do many things anymore and now the stop is global. For this reason many museums all over the world invented a new way to allow to the people to live the experience to visit them even from remote. But that’s not all, even Google Maps allows to do virtual tours around the imaginary streets of Diagon Alley or for the ancient ones of the Colosseum.

A tour in the heart of the capital

Let’s start from the beautiful country, if someone never been yet to the Colosseum he can do it in this period of quarantine. You can so have a look to this monument without waves of tourists that cover it from your view. To do it, we just have to use Google Maps. Infact not all know that it’s possible to see some monuments from their inside, let’s place the yellow men of Street View inside the Colosseum and enjoy your exclusive tour.

Let’s remain in Rome, maybe you never visited the Sistine Chapel too because its entrance is always characterized by a long line of tourists. Here you have another interesting private tour: you just have to go on the website of the vatican museums. From the home we access to the page Collections and after that we can go on Museums, at this point you’ll find the voice Tour 360°. Here you can see, besides the Sistine Chapel, the Museum Chiaramonti, the Braccio Nuovo, the Museum Pio Clementino, the Rooms of Raffello, the Room of the Chiaroscuri and the Nicolina Chapel.

virtual tour
The Egyptian museum in Turin makes available even some videos dedicated to the children

If you love the Egypt, instead, let’s fly in Turin for a virtual tour of the Egyptian Museum. From the post of the website it’s possible to do internal virtual tours with the director of the museum or to watch the temporary show Archeologia invisibile. On the post it’s even indicated a section with the videos dedicated to children.

Outdoors virtual travels

But if you already saw Rome for real, or if you like some exotic beauties, so why don’t you go to visit the Louvre? Let’s go to the page of its official website, you might visit the Petite Galerie, the exposition of the ancient egyptian, the medieval section and the Gallery Apollon.

If you love Harry Potter instead, while you are waiting for the release of the new videogame of the magician, why don’t go around the streets of Diagon Alley? To help us there is always our friend Google Maps, that allows us to enter inside the Studios, infact only by moving the men of Strett View it’s possible to visit many sections of the Warner Bros Studios. Some tours are homemade, viewing at 360° realized by visitors, by the way it worst watching them to dream a little bit.

virtual tour
with Google Maps you can visit Diagon Alley

Let’s move now in New York to go on with our virtual tours. On the website of the Met it’s possible to visit the museum with the section Tour 360° and to see some rooms, while you can see some collections of the section MeCollects. Everything from the page of the online sources. There is even a section of the website fully dedicated to children, here it’s possible to do a virtual tour of the museum child-friendly thanks to an amazing drawn map all to explore.

But we can do a trip even on the Statue of Liberty with the virtual tour or to see the Museum Guggenheim directly from the institutional website.

But let’s fly for our virtual tours far away and let’s visit the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. A really big collection that will last two days of visit. From the home page it’s possible to easily access to the Virtual visit to which it’s possible to see many rooms at 360° with information points about the works.

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